Slang GINGER BEER means

GINGER BEER means: Ginger beer is London Cockney rhyming slang for engineer.Ginger beer is London Cockney rhyming slang for a homosexual (queer).

What is the slang definition/meaning of GINGER BEER?

GINGER BEER means: Ginger beer is London Cockney rhyming slang for engineer.Ginger beer is London Cockney rhyming slang for a homosexual (queer).

Meaning of GINGER BEER slang

Slang: GINGER BEER means: Ginger beer is London Cockney rhyming slang for engineer.Ginger beer is London Cockney rhyming slang for a homosexual (queer).

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Meaning of ginger

ginger means: Noun. 1. Homosexual. Rhyming slang, from Ginger beer - 'queer'. 2. A ginger or red haired person. Pronounced with hard g's as in goggles. 3. Carbonated drink, such as cola. [Scottish use]

Meaning of GINGER BEER

GINGER BEER means: Ginger beer is London Cockney rhyming slang for engineer.Ginger beer is London Cockney rhyming slang for a homosexual (queer).

Meaning of ginger

ginger means: Male homosexual. From Cockney rhyming slang, ginger beer = queer.

Meaning of Ginger Beer

Ginger Beer means: Queer (odd). I don't know about that - sounds a bit ginger.

Meaning of Ginger Beer

Ginger Beer means: Engineer. He knows his stuff. He is a ginger, after all.

Meaning of ginger knob /minge

ginger knob /minge means: Noun. A person with ginger hair. Male being ginger knob (also ginger nob), and female, ginger minge. Derog.

Meaning of Ginger Beer

Ginger Beer means: Engineer

Meaning of Pop

Pop means: a mild drink, like ginger-beer

Meaning of GINGER POP

GINGER POP means: Ginger pop is London Cockney rhyming slang for to be arrested (cop).

Meaning of GINGER ALE

GINGER ALE means: Ginger ale is American rhyming slang for gaol

Meaning of Ginger Ale

Ginger Ale means: Jail. e's doing time in the ginger.

Meaning of GINGER

GINGER means: Ginger is slang for a homosexual.

Meaning of minter

minter means: At school there was a red haired lad who complained that he was being called ginger minger. The teacher, seemingly unaware of what a minge was and slightly hard of hearing, was nevertheless outraged by the upset caused to this boy and held a special assembly n the school hall. He said that it was no longer acceptable to refer to red haired pupils as 'ginger minters'. As a result the word Minter immediately became the most popular word in the school, being used with gay abandon at anyone who had even the merest hint of ginger in their hair. To my knowledge this term of abuse travelled to a number of universities when the boys in that year left school.


STONE GINGER means: Stone ginger is British slang for a certainty.

Meaning of ginge minge

ginge minge means: Self explanatory and was used to refer to people presumed to have ginger coloured pubic hair. The person responsible for this 'crime' was thus referred to as a 'GINGER MINGER'. More interestingly, the phrase survived the trip from Primary to Secondary education, although with a few notable changes. The pronunciation altered so that the phrase was pronounced with French vowels: "gonge monge". Furthermore at Bishop Vesey's Grammar School, the contributor can remember that the phrase was also used to refer to a particular sort of ginger cake available at school dinners. They had a red haired hard of hearing dinner lady in charge of cakes, and so much pleasure was derived by asking for this cake by its nickname. Asking the woman: "Can I have a slice of ginge minge please?" was a phrase so loaded with meaning that at the time it seemed the schoolboy equivalent of Shakespeare.

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UNDERWHELMED means: Underwhelmed is slang for disappointed, unimpressed.

Meaning of one-night stand

one-night stand means: Noun. A brief sexual fling.

Meaning of SNL

SNL means: Same Night Lay

Meaning of flee flax a flay flux

flee flax a flay flux means: To smoke marijuana.

Meaning of hojo mojo

hojo mojo means: Punishment consisting of the scraping of a knuckle hard against the scalp.

Meaning of wasabie, wassup

wasabie, wassup means: Used for saying "Hello" or "What's up?" wassup, b? What's up brother, brotha, bro, b- used as in informal greeting amongst friends. The term 'wasabie' as previously entred was mistaken for 'wassup, b?' ie what's up, brother- bro- b; that was popularised by the Budweiser beer commercials here in the US in which the characters greet each other with the phrase: 'waaassssssuuuuuuuup!!!!' back and forth on phones/intercoms. In one of the commercials, one of the characters is having dinner with his girl at a Japanese restaurant. They are brought their meals which included wasabi. The character chuckles when the japanese waiter says wasabi. So he says wassup, b. The waiter says wasabi and the back and forth and next thing you know, he has gotten every waiter/staff yelling wasssssuuuup, b/wasssssaaaaaabi!!!! Order is then restored when his girlfriend slaps her hand on the table. They are now classic commercials. There were a couple of independent take offs on these commercials that used old grannies, the "Superfriends" cartoons, and New York Jewish businessmen and Rabbis where 'wassup' was changed to "shalom" and the product was "whitefish" instead of Budweiser. Budweiser also came out with other incarnations where Yuppies drinking imports were used and one with a mafia flavour where the greeting went from wassup to "how ya doin" with heavy NYC accent. The Bud commercials can be see on the net at and the Shalom spoof was on (ed: and I just thought wasabi was a really hot Japanese dressing!) On this point, we received the following: Your online slang dictionary contains an entry for "Wasabi" and lists it as meaning "hello". It also properly mentions that Wasabi is a hot horseradish sauce. I believe that the usage of Wasabi as "Hello" comes from a series of American Budweiser Beer TV commercials It started with a group of men sitting around answering the phone yelling "WAAAAAAAZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" which is a wide open mouthed tongue sticking out way of saying "What's up". In the next commercial, one of the guys from the first one is out with his girlfriend at a sushi restaurant. The waiter brings them their wasabi sauce with their sushi, and the guy starts playing with the word, similar to the "Waaaaaazaaaaaaaaaaaa" from the first commencial. "Wasabi" (chuckle) "Wasaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabi" Eventually everyone in the restaurant is yelling "Wasaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabi" before the guys girlfriend scolds him and they all stop. So, "Wasabi" = "wazaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" = "What's up" (ed: which seems to sum that up pretty effectively - I think!)

Meaning of Let it walk

Let it walk means: Make it a take-out order

Meaning of DRINK

DRINK means: PCP

Meaning of out of sight

out of sight means: Excellent, outstanding. He's so old he's out of it.

Meaning of IITHEA

Meaning of OXOPHYO

Meaning of STOEWIYC

Meaning of AGRUIGRYW

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