Slang JOEY means

JOEY means: person employed by gang to sell to customers

What is the slang definition/meaning of JOEY?

JOEY means: person employed by gang to sell to customers

Meaning of JOEY slang

Slang: JOEY means: person employed by gang to sell to customers

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Meaning of JOEY

JOEY means: Joey is British slang for a fool, dupe, victim.Joey is British prison slang for a package smuggled in or out of prison.Joey was old British slang for a clown.Joey was British slang for a threepenny coin.Joey is Australian slang for an effeminate man.Joey is Australian slang for a young kangaroo.Joey is Australian slang for a baby.

Meaning of JOEY THE PLUM

JOEY THE PLUM means: Joey the plumis British slang for a fool, a dupe.

Meaning of Deacon

Deacon means: Noun. An imbecile, idiot. Derived from the name Joey Deacon, see 'Joey'. Derog.

Meaning of blue

blue means: (1) A physical fight or heated argument (i.e. verbal or fisticuffs). Used for example as "turn on a blue", "Joey and Mac had a real Blue last night. Joey needed stitches!" (2) Nickname for any male person with red hair. Also used as pet name for red cattle dogs.

Meaning of BARREN JOEY

BARREN JOEY means: Barren joey is Australian slang for a prostitute.

Meaning of joey

joey means: much debate about this: According to my information (1894 Brewer, and the modern Cassell's, Oxford, Morton, and various other sources) Joey was originally, from 1835 or 1836 a silver fourpenny piece called a groat (Brewer is firm about this), and this meaning subsequently transferred to the silver threepenny piece (Cassell's, Oxford, and Morton). I'm convinced these were the principal and most common usages of the Joey coin slang. Cassell's says Joey was also used for the brass-nickel threepenny bit, which was introduced in 1937, although as a child in South London the 1960s I cannot remember the threepenny bit ever being called a Joey, and neither can my Mum or Dad, who both say a Joey in London was a silver threepence and nothing else (although they'd be too young to remember groats...). I'm informed however (ack Stuart Taylor, Dec 2006) that Joey was indeed slang for the brass-nickel threepenny bit among children of the Worcester area in the period up to decimalisation in 1971, so as ever, slang is subject to regional variation. I personally feel (and think I recall) there was some transference of the Joey slang to the sixpence (tanner) some time after the silver threepenny coin changed to the brass threepenny bit (which was during the 1930-40s), and this would have been understandable because the silver sixpence was similar to the silver threepence, albeit slightly larger. There is also a view that Joey transferred from the threepenny bit to the sixpence when the latter became a more usual minimum fare in London taxi-cabs. So although the fourpenny groat and the silver threepenny coin arguably lay the major claim to the Joey title, usage also seems to have extended to later coins, notably the silver sixpence (tanner) and the brass-nickel threepenny bit. The Joey slang word seems reasonably certainly to have been named after the politician Joseph Hume (1777-1855), who advocated successfully that the fourpenny groat be reintroduced, which it was in 1835 or 1836, chiefly to foil London cab drivers (horse driven ones in those days) in their practice of pretending not to have change, with the intention of extorting a bigger tip, particularly when given two shillings for a two-mile fare, which at the time cost one shilling and eight-pence. The re-introduction of the groat thus enabled many customers to pay the exact fare, and so the cab drivers used the term Joey as a derisory reference for the fourpenny groats.

Meaning of Joey

Joey means: Noun. 1. A friend or acquaintence who is regarded a fool or weakling, and often has to bear the brunt of jokes. Believed to be derived from the rhyming slang Joe Hunt, meaning 'cunt'. 2. An imbecile. Derived from the name Joey Deacon, a physically handicapped (cerebral palsy) guest on a British children's TV programme called Blue Peter in the 1970s; consequently his name was cruelly adopted by children as an insult. Derog. Cf. 'deacon'.

Meaning of joey

joey means: An excessively stupid or unpleasant person. Derived from Joey Deacon an elderly man suffering from cerebral palsy who regularly featured on television 1980-85. Another contributor supplied the following entered verbatim: To infer that the recipient was, in some manner, mentally impaired or stupid, In widespread use (in my experience) throughout London schools in the early 1980's. Derives from Joey Deacon, an unfortunate, severely mentally handicapped man featured on children's TV show Blue Peter. Or rather, thrown in front of a camera crew & routinely patronized once a week by Simon Groom & his lover, platinum quadruped Goldie. Originally intended to improve children's understanding of the plight of the disabled. Failed. Alan wasn't too impressed with the above - also entered verbatim: I appreciate that the additional entry is verbatim from the contributor, but there are two main errors in it. First he means "imply" and not "infer" - a common mistake by joeys - and also states that Joey Deacon was severely mentally handicapped. In fact he suffered from cerebral palsy (as your main entry states) which is a physical handicap not a mental one. I would add that, round my way, the preferred gesture to accompany the call of "Joey Deacon!!" (for some reason we always used the full name) was to clap the backs of the hands together, in imitation I suppose of a physically handicapped person. Nice.

Meaning of digby

digby means: Peculiar to Exeter area: used in same way as "Joey Deacon", Digby was a hospital for the mentally ill (since turned into a new housing development) on the outskirts of Exeter. When it was still a hospital (with a high rate of patients wandering off and being found confused in people's back gardens), the word "Digby" was used in a similar way to "Joey" (same era) by schoolkids in the surrounding schools. This interesting little snippet came from NSW, Australia: This term, with exactly the same me aning, was used by a small group of children from Goulburn, NSW c. 1978-1981. Seemed to have been started by one particu lar boy with a vague knowledge of a crap Australian folksinger (I think) named Digby Wolf. Anyway, digby became 'ya dig by wolf' if someone was excessively stupid.

Meaning of joey (2)

joey (2) means: Condom.

Meaning of Joey

Joey means: Scotland

Meaning of joey

joey means: baby kangaro

Meaning of joey

joey means: baby kangaro

Meaning of Joey

Joey means:   A fourpence piece

Meaning of Joey

Joey means: A baby Kangaroo

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SONG AND DANCE means: Song and dance is British slang for a spectacle, exhibition. Song and dance is London Cockney rhyming slang for chance.Song and dance is London Cockney rhyming slang for a male homosexual (nance).

Meaning of VFM

VFM means: Value For Money

Meaning of Onan

Onan means: A Hebrew whose story is told in the Bible, Genesis, Chapter 38. According to the Law of Moses, if a husband died and his marriage had produced no children, his brother was required to take the woman as his wife and produce a child so that his brother's name would not disappear. Onan refused his duty. The sex act is described, and it is recorded that he "spilt his seed on the ground." In effect he practiced coitus interruptus withdrawing his penis from the woman's body before just as he was achieving orgasm so he would not impregnate her. The Bible records that God was displeased that Onan had done this and caused him to die for disobedience.

Meaning of Harlem midget

Harlem midget means: Small chocolate soda

Meaning of Nerve Burner

Nerve Burner means: This insult suggested one was unstable.

Meaning of Upper Story

Upper Story means: The brain, the head. "He’s not right in his upper story.”

Meaning of cram

cram means: To study hard. Thor Pearson has some crackpot idea about making powdered water.

Meaning of grind

grind means: A sex act. I need a break from the daily grind.

Meaning of heater

heater means: A gun. Keep a look out for the heat.

Meaning of IMAESS

Meaning of JOUGRUY

Meaning of IGOENOIT

Meaning of YUNSEILRO

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