Slang LITTLE SMOKE means

LITTLE SMOKE means: marijuana

What is the slang definition/meaning of LITTLE SMOKE?

LITTLE SMOKE means: marijuana

Meaning of LITTLE SMOKE slang

Slang: LITTLE SMOKE means: marijuana

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Meaning of SMOKE

SMOKE means: Smoke is slang for a cigarette.Smoke is slang for to use marijuana for smoking.Smoke is slang for to move, drive, ride, etc., very fast.Smoke is derogatory American slang for a Black person.Smoke is American slang for to kill.Smoke is Australian slang for depart, slope off.

Meaning of smoke

smoke means: Noun. 1. A cigarette. 2. Also cannabis or marijuana. E.g."Have you got any smoke for tonight." 3. London. Always phrased as the smoke.

Meaning of Smoke Pot

Smoke Pot means: Non-toxic smoke used to simulate real smoke in a shipboard fire exercise.


SMOKE or SMOKE AGENT means: Locomotive fireman. Smoker is engine or firebox. Smoking 'em or running on smoke orders is a dangerous method, now obsolete, of running a train from one station or siding to another without orders from the dispatcher. You moved cautiously, continually watching for the smoke of any train that might be approaching you on the same track

Meaning of Smoke

Smoke means: From the similarity between their skin color and the color of smoke. Also from the way that they were said to be able to sneak around quietly, entering a room "like smoke".

Meaning of THE SMOKE

THE SMOKE means: The smoke is slang for London.The smoke is slang for a large town or city.

Meaning of THE BIG SMOKE

THE BIG SMOKE means: The big smoke is slang for London.The big smoke is slang for a large town or city.

Meaning of curbie

curbie means: Used to describe high-school students who smoke cigarettes between classes. Smoking is not allowed on most high school campuses, so students who smoke go across the street and sit on the curb to smoke. Sometimes more than tobacco is smoked. Word generally describes kids in the "tough croud" who wear all black and rebel against authority any chance they get.

Meaning of Sea Smoke

Sea Smoke means: Vapour rising like steam or smoke from the sea caused by cold air blowing over warmer water.

Meaning of POP SMOKE

POP SMOKE means: to mark a target, team sight (location), or Landing Zone (LZ) with a smoke grenade.

Meaning of chase the dragon

chase the dragon means: Vrb phrs. To smoke heroin by burning the drug on foil and inhaling the smoke through a tube.

Meaning of fumer comme un pompier

fumer comme un pompier means: smoke like a chimney; smoke a lot (lit.: some like a firefighter)

Meaning of Smoke

Smoke means: used as a noun, refers to marijuanna; "got any smoke?"

Meaning of chase

chase means: To smoke cocaine; to smoke marijuana

Meaning of Smoke Pole

Smoke Pole means: Six-gun, also referred to as a "smoke wagon."

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Meaning of ALLEGRO

ALLEGRO means: Allegro is slang for lively.


SPIFLICATE means: Spiflicate is British school slang for to destroy; annihilate.

Meaning of TOP JOHNNY

TOP JOHNNY means: Top Johnny is British slang for the best performer.

Meaning of Timmies Hoe

Timmies Hoe means: A female employee of Tim Hortons. eg. "Did you see that Timmies Hoe by?"

Meaning of PND

PND means: Possibly Not Definitely -or- Personal Navigation Device

Meaning of game

game means: A man’s conversation, specifically his attempts at wooing females.  "Marcel, she ain’t going to go out with you. You got no game!"  2. A male’s whole presence; his conversation, and how he presents himself.  "Did you see Jay over there? He’s got game."  3. Awareness and involvement in activity, usually used in reference to selling drugs.  "Stay strapped when you make that money cause the game is no joke." 

Meaning of PIE

PIE means: Paedophile Information Exchange. [now-defunct]

Meaning of Swack-up

Swack-up means: A falsehood.

Meaning of IRAUGH

Meaning of MOYKIOV

Meaning of UENYACUB

Meaning of REYTOCOAS

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