Slang LOADS means

LOADS means: heroin

What is the slang definition/meaning of LOADS?

LOADS means: heroin

Meaning of LOADS slang

Slang: LOADS means: heroin

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Meaning of LOADS

LOADS means: Loads is slang for secobarbital.

Meaning of LOADS

LOADS means: heroin

Meaning of loads

loads means: plenty, lots

Meaning of MUSL

MUSL means: Missing You Sh** Loads

Meaning of LOADS

LOADS means: Loaded freight cars

Meaning of jowler

jowler means: term used of a sealing skipper, who in time has brought in many loads of seals; and able man, physically

Meaning of Pung

Pung means: A rude sort of sleigh, or oblong box made of boards and placed on runners, used for drawing loads on snow by horses.

Meaning of JUGGLER

JUGGLER means: Member of way-freight crew who loads and unloads LCL freight at station stops

Meaning of Block and Tackle

Block and Tackle means: A combination of one or more blocks and the associated tackle necessary to give a mechanical advantage. Useful for lifting heavy loads.

Meaning of SHORT LOADS

SHORT LOADS means: Cars consigned to points between division points and set out on sidings at their destinations. Also called shorts

Meaning of swamp

swamp means: to swamp a road or path is to build on with a bedding of boughs to be used in hayuling slide loads of wodd in winter

Meaning of arse load

arse load means: Noun. In large quantities, a lot of, a great amount. E.g." She's given me arse loads of paperwork to complete before lunch."

Meaning of brainfart

brainfart means: The cause of an effect noticable when, for example you are speaking and lose your train of thought. Used as "So i went to the store and um... oh brainfart...oh yeah and bought some milk." (ed: I get loads of these!)

Meaning of Partners

Partners means: A framework of supporting structures used to support areas where high loads come through openings in the deck, such as the opening in the deck through which the mast passes.

Meaning of shit load (of something)

shit load (of something) means: Noun. Many, a large number of. Also shitload. E.g."It was a great New Year party - there was shit loads of free wine and some really lovely people."

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Meaning of BARNET

BARNET means: Barnet (from Barnet fair) is London Cockney rhyming slang for hair.

Meaning of OPPO

OPPO means: Oppo is British slang for opposite number, partner. Oppo is British slang for a military operation.

Meaning of T.S.

T.S. means: T.S. is American military slang for tough shit; tough situation; tough stuff; typescript.

Meaning of bore shitless

bore shitless means: Verb. Bore completely. E.g."I was bored shitless by her talking non-stop about her family."

Meaning of arse jockey

arse jockey means: Homosexual.


HAND-TO-HAND MAN means: transient dealers who carry small amounts of crack

Meaning of Liver Lips

Liver Lips means: Self Explanatory

Meaning of indie

indie means: rock music not released by major music labels

Meaning of nuke

nuke means: to attack with nuclear weapons; to destroy

Meaning of MIOKIA

Meaning of AELOYTY

Meaning of IAXOICKU

Meaning of HYIPTUOPT

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