Slang MALAWI GRASS means

MALAWI GRASS means: cannabis

What is the slang definition/meaning of MALAWI GRASS?

MALAWI GRASS means: cannabis

Meaning of MALAWI GRASS slang

Slang: MALAWI GRASS means: cannabis

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MALAWI GRASS means: cannabis

Meaning of grass

grass means: (1) marijuana (2) to inform authority about an individuals transgression of a rule; i.e. to grass someone up, to grass on someone, "you better not grass me up".

Meaning of grass

grass means: Noun. 1. An informer. Possibly from the rhyming slang grass in the park - 'nark', meaning informer. E.g."Don't tell John about this, he's a grass and I don't want to get into trouble." 2. Marijuana. Verb. To inform (on), betray.

Meaning of GRASS

GRASS means: Grass is slang for cannabis.Grass is British slang for an informer.Grass is British slang for to inform on someone.Grass is British slang for the hair.


SNAKE IN THE GRASS means: Snake in the grass is British slang for an informer, a tell−tale. Snake in the grass is London Cockney rhyming slang for a glass.


ELEPHANT GRASS means: tall, sharp-edged grass found in the highlands of Vietnam. Pg. 509

Meaning of grass

grass means: marijuana chopped up line for smoking, which looks like dried grass

Meaning of Ass To Grass

Ass To Grass means: Refers to squats that should be performed with full Range Of Motion; where the gastrocnemius should touch your hamstrings giving the illusion that your squat is so low, it would make your ass touch some grass


PAMPASS GRASS means: Pampass grass is London Cockney rhyming slang for the anus (arse).


GRASS IN THE PARK means: Grass in the park is London Cockney rhyming slang for an informer (nark).

Meaning of SUPER GRASS

SUPER GRASS means: Super Grass is slang for phencyclidine.

Meaning of goat's in the garden (... Eating the grass)

goat's in the garden (... Eating the grass) means: Description of a girl whose pants were so tight that you could see the fanny flaps (c.f. camel toe) through said pants, one of us would alert the others by saying "Goats's in the garden, eating the grass." This eventually became shortened to "Goat's in the garden."

Meaning of jungle treatment

jungle treatment means: At primary school at the start of summer: a random kid would be held down on the school field, and asked by the much stronger protagonist "Do you get hayfever?", presenting the kid with a dilemma: if he says "No", a reply of "You won't mind me doing this then" will be given, and mounds of grass will be stuffed in his face and down shirt. If he replies in the affirmative, however, he subjects himself to an equally nasty fate. As an added bonus, your shirt would be covered in grass stains and you could later expect a bollocking from your mum.

Meaning of field

field means: The field was not just the grass playing field, but anything green (apart from the walled shrubbery at our school which was out of bounds anyway). Every year around April you'd wait for the whisper to go around - "field!" - which meant the caretaker had decided we could go on the grass again. In a wet spring you might wait until late May, and Field was banned again by late October most years. Ditch, however, was out of bounds all year around, and thus the cool place to hide at all times. Going Ditch in winter was the ultimate in "hardness", although you always got found out because of the mud.

Meaning of grass

grass means: Marijuana

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BIG−AND−PLENTY means: Big−and−plenty is Grenadine slang for a fat, clumsy, useless person or thing.

Meaning of on the stick

on the stick means: Bright, prepared. This new freshman is always on the stick when it comes to homework.

Meaning of spong

spong means: A Spong was basically a bit of a spazz. After a mongy pupil who caused us to be two hours late home from a trip to Windsor Safari Park when he couldn't find the coach.He got a severe kicking from every kid on the coach as he walked to his seat in the 2nd from last row, when he finally turned up (crying and in company of a lion keeper). "What a fucking Spong!"

Meaning of F-bomb

F-bomb means: Excl. euphemism for "f**k." May have gained popularity on radio sports talk host Jim Rome's show.

Meaning of Bubble Bath

Bubble Bath means: Laugh. You're 'avin a bubble aren't ya?

Meaning of Colt’s Tooth

Colt’s Tooth means:  Elderly persons of juvenile tastes are said to have a colt’s tooth, i.e., a desire to shed their teeth once more, to live life over again.

Meaning of Tea

Tea means: This usually means a cup of tea, but in some parts of the UK it also means the evening meal. How confusing.

Meaning of IAMIAJ

Meaning of IUCMEOF

Meaning of OYSSUECH

Meaning of YITCHIARG

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