Slang NURSE means

NURSE means: heroin

What is the slang definition/meaning of NURSE?

NURSE means: heroin

Meaning of NURSE slang

Slang: NURSE means: heroin

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Meaning of NIT NURSE

NIT NURSE means: Nit Nurse was British slang for the school nurse who inspected children's heads for parasites.

Meaning of NURSE

NURSE means: Nurse is slang for to cheat or swindle.Nurse is slang for a passenger vehicle to closely follow another so as to poach its passengers.


DOCTOR AND NURSE means: Doctor and nurse is London Cockney rhyming slang for a purse.

Meaning of nurse

nurse means: Heroin

Meaning of NURSE

NURSE means: heroin

Meaning of white nurse

white nurse means: Heroin

Meaning of WHITE NURSE

WHITE NURSE means: heroin

Meaning of NANA

NANA means: midwife; nanny or nurse.

Meaning of Nuss

Nuss means: To nurse. Example: "She nussed the sick dog to bring it back to health."

Meaning of dickie dora

dickie dora means: The nit nurse. Note that in our neck of the woods, we called nits, dickies.

Meaning of infantilism

infantilism means: Aexually arousing behavior characterized by dressing as an infant and acting the role of a child under two years old. This can include removing some or all body hair and the hiring of a nurse or nanny to see after the individual.

Meaning of auntie nora

auntie nora means: The special nurse the council sent round school to check for infestations of head lice. Hence Auntie Nora the nitty explorer.

Meaning of nitty nora

nitty nora means: Colloquial term for the education services nurse who came around once every six months to tussle your hair around looking for nits (head lice). From 'Nitty Nora the hair explorer', also Nitty Nora Bug Explorer.

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Meaning of PUMPERS

PUMPERS means: Pumpers is slang for any anabolic steroid.


STICK IN THE MUD means: Stick in the mud is slang for a boring, unadventurous, old−fashioned person.

Meaning of RYFM

RYFM means: Read Your Friendly Manual

Meaning of maxi-gimp

maxi-gimp means: An extreme version of a gimp.

Meaning of well equipped

well equipped means: Having more than seven inches of cock. well hung: having more than seven inches of cock.

Meaning of Soft Horse

Soft Horse means: A horse with little stamina.



Meaning of rind

rind means: bark from a tree

Meaning of Onion

Onion means:     A watch seal

Meaning of OJIOCM

Meaning of GIADOYN

Meaning of IYTHIEMI

Meaning of EAMSOAGUE

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