Slang PANE means

PANE means: LSD

What is the slang definition/meaning of PANE?

PANE means: LSD

Meaning of PANE slang

Slang: PANE means: LSD

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Meaning of PANE

PANE means: LSD

Meaning of pane

pane means: LSD

Meaning of WINDOW PANE


Meaning of window pane

window pane means: LSD; crack cocaine

Meaning of window pane

window pane means: [the drug is sometimes sold in a clear plastic square; also of a greater potency, providing a more intense experience and non-structured sensations—"opening a window on reality"] LSD

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Meaning of piss-proud

piss-proud means: Adj. Having a penile erection on awaking in the morning; a common symptom due to one's bladder being full.

Meaning of snort

snort means: Verb. To inhale via the nose a small quantity of powdered drug, such as cocaine or amphetamne. [Orig U.S.]

Meaning of wotcha!

wotcha! means: Exclam. A greeting. A shortening of what cheer! Also spelt wotcher. [Mainly London use]

Meaning of Mav

Mav means: Short for the basketball team Dallas Mavericksrn

Meaning of Cracking

Cracking means: - If something is cracking, it means it is the best. Usually said without pronouncing the last "G". If a girl is cracking it means she is stunning.

Meaning of jacker

jacker means: Someone who has been uneccessarily rude to another. For example, as in stood up or 'dissed'. "Emily is a jacker", "Joe totally jacked tonight" meaning she/he was jerk or stood a person up, or 'dissed' someone.

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Best Bib and Tucker means: Wearing your best clothes. "There's a dance Saturday, so put on your best bib and tucker."

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cookie means: Guy or gal. As soon as he opened his mouth, he cooked his own goose.

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Meaning of AEZABUV

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