Slang PRESS means

PRESS means: crack

What is the slang definition/meaning of PRESS?

PRESS means: crack

Meaning of PRESS slang

Slang: PRESS means: crack

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Meaning of brieze

brieze means: (Breeze) to press down firmly, to lean hard on, to press down with a lever or prise

Meaning of Skull Crusher

Skull Crusher means: The lying french press, in which you lower a barbell from full etension above your head down to your forehead and then extend at the elbows to press it back up.

Meaning of PRESS

PRESS means: Press is slang for cocaine.


PRESS AND SCRATCH means: Press and scratch was old London Cockney rhyming slang for a match.


PRESS THE FLESH means: Press the flesh is Black−American slang for shake hands.

Meaning of Military Press:

Military Press: means: Move over GI Joe (and Jane), this exercise is key for anyone looking for some serious overhead strength. From a standing position, with an overhand grip, press the barbell upward until arms are fully extended overhead (be careful not to lean too far back during the lift). Lower back down to the shoulders and repeat.

Meaning of Press

Press means: In Naval terms, it was a way of conscription. People were pressed into service with the Royal Navy as well as other navies in time of need. Typically this meant finding a person who was somewhat inebriated, hitting them over the head and then having them wake up aboard ship and out to sea. This also led to the phrase Press Gang which was a group of sailors led by an officer or boatswain who would force people into naval service. To add to the confusion: press or more correctly pressing was a form of torture in which heavy weights were placed on a person's body in an effort to get them to confess to a crime. Sometimes the confession part was unnecessary. A person would be pressed as simple torture as means to pass the time until he was executed.

Meaning of PRESS

PRESS means: crack

Meaning of PRESS

PRESS means: cocaine

Meaning of scrouge

scrouge means: to press one against another in a crowd

Meaning of PLOKTA

PLOKTA means: Press Lots Of Keys To Abort

Meaning of To Run

To Run means: To press with jokes, sarcasm, or ridicule. 'To get the run upon one,' is to make a butt of him.

Meaning of appuyer sur le champignon

appuyer sur le champignon means: floor it; keep one’s foot on the accelerator (lit.: press on the mushroom)

Meaning of The Big Three

The Big Three means: Refers to the 3 most basic and important lifts; Bench Press, Deadlift & Squat.

Meaning of Press-ganged

Press-ganged means: A group of men used to capture men and boys and force them to join the navy

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Meaning of DAILY BREAD

DAILY BREAD means: Daily bread is London Cockney rhyming slang for the head of a family.

Meaning of TIDDYVATE

TIDDYVATE means: Tiddyvate is Dorset slang for to decorate oneself.

Meaning of homie

homie means: Noun. A friend. Also homey. [Orig. U.S.]

Meaning of old hat

old hat means: Adj. Old fashioned.

Meaning of Boho

Boho means: (1)Noun A Bohemian or artist. From the late 80's this word emerged. Probably from the Soho art district in Manhattan.

Meaning of 411

411 means: Gossip

Meaning of Seckle

Seckle means: Settle down

Meaning of Hearts of Oak

Hearts of Oak means: Broke (financial). I'm skint mate. Bleedin' hearts.

Meaning of boone

boone means: To swindle or betray. Heathcliff was boondoggled into selling his car for half of its value.

Meaning of VEOGLE

Meaning of TUYPTIW

Meaning of PUOKULYU

Meaning of UEDAOKSIF

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