Slang GLASS ARM means

GLASS ARM means: Glass arm is baseball slang for a pitcher's arm that is highly prone to injury or strain.

What is the slang definition/meaning of GLASS ARM?

GLASS ARM means: Glass arm is baseball slang for a pitcher's arm that is highly prone to injury or strain.

Meaning of GLASS ARM slang

Slang: GLASS ARM means: Glass arm is baseball slang for a pitcher's arm that is highly prone to injury or strain.

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Meaning of GLASS

GLASS means: Glass is slang for diamonds or gems. Glass is slang for heroin.Glass is British slang for to strike someone with a broken glass.

Meaning of Glass, half

Glass, half means: A half glass is a measurement of time equaling 30 minutes or one bell. 8 half turns (4 full turns) of the glass would equal 4 hours or 8 bells. It was usually a cabin boy's job to turn the glass. He did not want to fail in this duty. The punishment could be quite severe both officially and unofficially because the hour glass kept the ship's time and determined the work schedule.


GLASS SOMEONE means: Glass someone is British slang for to hit or slash someone with a bottle or glass.

Meaning of Spy-Glass

Spy-Glass means: A handheld monocular telescope used to see objects at a distance. (Like binoculars but just one tube). Spy-glasses were used by the captain and sometimes other trusted officers. While men were sent aloft to keep and eye out from other sails or land, they did not go aloft with the spy-glass. If the captain thought a distant object warranted a look through the spy-glass he would send a trusted officer or would go aloft himself and use the spy-glass. They were deemed to important for use by common sailors.

Meaning of GLASS JAW

GLASS JAW means: Glass Jaw is American tramp slang for a coward.Glass Jaw is boxing slang for a boxer's tendency to succumb to a strong hit to the chin.

Meaning of Glass

Glass means: In the days of tall ships the barometer was a glass vessel with a thin stem. The fluid in the glass (in most cases water) would move up and down the stem as the pressure of the surrounding atmosphere changed. These movements were used to predict changes in the weather. also the seaman's name for a telescope.

Meaning of GLASS ARM

GLASS ARM means: Glass arm is baseball slang for a pitcher's arm that is highly prone to injury or strain.

Meaning of glass

glass means: Verb. To break and smash a drinking glass into someones face.

Meaning of Gloop

Gloop means: To attack somebody with a glass, broken glass or bottle.


LOOKING GLASS means: Looking glass was th century British slang for a chamber pot.

Meaning of glass

glass means: v the act of breaking a glass and shoving the lower half of it into someone’s face, thereby causing some degree of distress. A popular way for pikeys to settle arguments.

Meaning of Long Glass

Long Glass means: Early telescope: was a telescoping barrel with glass lenses used on the bridge of a ships to identify other ships and landmarks from a distance.

Meaning of Schooner

Schooner means: large beer glass in Queensland; medium beer glass in South Australia.


BOTTLE AND GLASS means: Bottle and glass is London Cockney rhyming slang for the buttocks (arse).


GLASS OF PLONK means: Glass of plonk is London Cockney rhyming slang for nose (conk).

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ALL OVER THE SHOW means: All over the show is British slang for disorganised, in chaos or disarray.

Meaning of CARROT−NOB

CARROT−NOB means: Carrot−nob was old British slang for a person with red hair.

Meaning of play with oneself

play with oneself means: Vrb phrs. To masturbate. E.g."Make sure you knock before entering, there's a good chance he's watching some porn and playing with himself."

Meaning of veg out

veg out means: to eat alot; to eat a lot of vegetables; to lose grasp of reality and just sit in a daze

Meaning of STIRRUP

STIRRUP means: First step of freight car, under the lowest grab iron

Meaning of nesh

nesh means: (nish) tneder; delicate

Meaning of Vamp

Vamp means:   To Steal or Pawn.  "In for a vamp" to be jailed for stealing

Meaning of AMEUGY

Meaning of EUPSYIX

Meaning of APSYELIE

Meaning of ODIYNGIER

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