Slang SACK means

SACK means: heroin

What is the slang definition/meaning of SACK?

SACK means: heroin

Meaning of SACK slang

Slang: SACK means: heroin

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Meaning of SACK

SACK means: Sack is slang for bed.Sack is slang for being fired from a job (getting the sack).Sack is criminal's slang for a coat pocket.

Meaning of sack

sack means: v dismiss; fire: Well, I pretty much knew I was getting sacked as soon as they walked in and saw me on the photocopier. Comes from a time when you were given a sack into which to put the contents of your desk. In the U.S., the term “given the sack” is used sporadically, but not the word sack alone as a verb.

Meaning of sack

sack means: n Dismissal from employment: finally got the sack after a year of ineptitude. tr.v.sacked, sacking, sacks To discharge from employment.Phrasal Verb:sack out To sleep.

Meaning of sack

sack means: Noun. 1. Bed. E.g."Let's hit the sack, I'm exhausted." See 'hit the sack'. [Orig. U.S.] 2. Dismissal from employment.Verb. To dismiss from employment. E.g."I was sacked because of my poor time keeping. I was consistently late arriving at work in the mornings."

Meaning of sack

sack means: n. A bag (usually a zip lock bag) of marijuana/weed. The term usually is preceded by the dollar amount. *See also the term "dub sack" which refers to $20 worth of marijuana.  "Tonight I'm gonna get faded off this dub sack I just bought."  2. A slang term for the male scrotum. 

Meaning of Sack/sacked

Sack/sacked means: - If someone gets the sack it means they are fired. Then they have been sacked. I can think of a few people I'd like to sack!

Meaning of Sack/sacked

Sack/sacked means: If someone gets the sack it means they are fired. Then they have been sacked. I can think of a few people I'd like to sack!

Meaning of SAD SACK

SAD SACK means: Sad sack is American slang for a characteristically depressed or confused person.

Meaning of sack, sac

sack, sac means: (1) Scrotum. Used as "I'm going to kick you in the sack.". (2) Beanbag. Commonly on the television show South Park

Meaning of SACK OUT

SACK OUT means: Sack out is American slang for go to bed and sleep.

Meaning of like a sack of spuds

like a sack of spuds means: Phrs. Easily, quickly, heavily. Usually describing a physical fall. E.g."I hardly touched him and he went down like a sack of spuds."

Meaning of knob sack

knob sack means: The scrotum. Generally used at school for someone who was acting as an idiot or was getting on your nerves. would be called a Knob sack.

Meaning of sack

sack means: To fire. When did you hit the sack last night?

Meaning of hit the sack

hit the sack means: Go to bed. Is it 11 o'clock already? Time for me to hit the sack.


COALMAN'S SACK means: Coalman's sack is London Cockney rhyming slang for dirty (black).

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Meaning of HORNET

HORNET means: Hornet is slang for an ill−tempered, unpleasant person.


NOT KNOW SHIT FROM SHINOLA means: Not know shit from Shinola is American slang for be ignorant or innocent.

Meaning of WAMBLE

WAMBLE means: Wamble is Dorset slang for wander.

Meaning of get

get means: Noun. An idiot, a contemptible person. Cf. git.

Meaning of Squiffy

Squiffy means: - This means you are feeling a little drunk. Some people also use it to mean that something has gone wrong.

Meaning of milk wagons

milk wagons means: Female breasts.

Meaning of schlock mexican

schlock mexican means: A style of decorating with unmatched colors and or mass-produced.

Meaning of Frog sticks

Frog sticks means: French fries

Meaning of Ivory Band

Ivory Band means: Hand

Meaning of IN

IN means: connected with drug suppliers

Meaning of LOYPSI

Meaning of CHEOBYE

Meaning of IAMYIGNY

Meaning of UOGAYMTIE

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