Slang SWEET JESUS means

SWEET JESUS means: heroin

What is the slang definition/meaning of SWEET JESUS?

SWEET JESUS means: heroin

Meaning of SWEET JESUS slang

Slang: SWEET JESUS means: heroin

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Meaning of SWEET JESUS

SWEET JESUS means: heroin

Meaning of sweet jesus

sweet jesus means: Heroin

Meaning of SWEET

SWEET means: Sweet is slang for excellent. Sweet is British slang for sugar.Sweet is Australian slang for satisfactory or in order; all right.

Meaning of Jesus freak

Jesus freak means: Missionary Christians. There's a bunch of Jesus freaks in my philosophy class.

Meaning of sweet F.A.

sweet F.A. means: Phrs. Nothing at all. Euphemism for sweet fuck-all. Cf. 'sweet fanny adams'.

Meaning of Sweet fanny adams

Sweet fanny adams means: This means nothing or sod all. It is a substitute for "sweet f*** all". It is also shortened further to "sweet F A".

Meaning of Sweet fanny adams

Sweet fanny adams means: This means nothing or sod all. It is a substitute for "sweet f*** all". It is also shortened further to "sweet F A".

Meaning of jesus boots

jesus boots means: Sandals. Note: I'm told that during the 1980's the term "Jesus Air Wear" was more common.

Meaning of SWEET F A

SWEET F A means: Sweet F A (sweet fuck all) is slang for nothing. Sweet F A is slang for a pitifully small amount.

Meaning of Sweet

Sweet means: (1)Adj. Very good. ""Raiders of the Lost Ark" was a sweet movie!" (2)Excl. Very good. "Dude, I just scored some tickets for U2!" "Sweet!"


CREEPING JESUS means: Creeping Jesus is derogatory slang for an obsequious or servile person. Creeping Jesus is slang for a hypocritically religious person.

Meaning of JESUS BOOTS

JESUS BOOTS means: Jesus Boots is British slang for thong−type sandals.

Meaning of Fanny Adams

Fanny Adams means: Noun. Nothing at all. Usually heard preceded by sweet. Also acts as a euphemism for 'fuck all'. E.g."What've you been up to Tim ?", "Sweet fanny adams since I lost my job." Cf. 'sweet F.A.'

Meaning of Lord Tunderin Jesus

Lord Tunderin Jesus means: A term people from Newfoundland and Labrador or Halifax would use as an overwhelming statement (like they would "oh my god" or "holy crap"). eg. "Lord Tunderin' Jesus, look at the size of that cod!"

Meaning of JESUS FREAK

JESUS FREAK means: Jesus Freak is slang for a born−again Christian.

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POTATO MASHERS means: Potato mashers is London Cockney rhyming slang for teeth (gnashers).

Meaning of RIGHTEOUS

RIGHTEOUS means: Righteous is American slang for excellent; of good quality; of the preferred type.

Meaning of X−AMOUNT

X−AMOUNT means: X−amount is Jamaican slang for an unspecified amount.

Meaning of all over the shop

all over the shop means: Phrs. 1. In a mess, out of order, disorganized. 2. Everywhere. E.g."I've been all over the shop this morning and I can't find her anywhere."

Meaning of rug rat

rug rat means: Small child. Pam is married now, with two rug rats.

Meaning of Younger

Younger means: Sibling, someone younger than you; someone you protect

Meaning of Monkeyboy

Monkeyboy means: People once believed, because of their high cranium, blacks were close cousins to primates.

Meaning of beat it

beat it means: To leave. Let's beat feet out of here.

Meaning of GUAHYJ

Meaning of YDEIPTE

Meaning of IAKOEMPO

Meaning of UYVEISTYU

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