Slang CAGE means

CAGE means: Caboose

What is the slang definition/meaning of CAGE?

CAGE means: Caboose

Meaning of CAGE slang

Slang: CAGE means: Caboose

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Meaning of CAGE

CAGE means: Cage is British slang for a prison cell.

Meaning of rattle your cage

rattle your cage means: To annoy, bother. If the suspect won't talk, let's file some charges against him and rattle his cage.


RATTLE SOMEONE'S CAGE means: Rattle someone's cage is slang for to provoke, disturb, rouse.

Meaning of Power Rack:

Power Rack: means: Also known as a power cage or squat cage, this piece of equipment is where some seriously heavy (or simply safe) lifting takes place. Designed with safety bars to allow for a safer workout, the four-posted rack is a go-to for squats and presses, to name a few.

Meaning of CAGE

CAGE means: Caboose

Meaning of squirrel cage

squirrel cage means: A track

Meaning of LOUSE CAGE

LOUSE CAGE means: Caboose

Meaning of DRONE CAGE

DRONE CAGE means: Private car

Meaning of Rattle your cage

Rattle your cage means: Get upset

Meaning of Louse Cage

Louse Cage means: Bunkhouse.

Meaning of COW CAGE

COW CAGE means: Stock car. Also called cow crate

Meaning of cage

cage means: A gloomy apartment or hotel.

Meaning of BIRD CAGE

BIRD CAGE means: Brakeman's or switchman's lantern

Meaning of rattle your cage

rattle your cage means: To annoy, bother. Nothing rattles her; she is a cool as a cucumber.

Meaning of rattletrap

rattletrap means: Old, broken-down car. If the suspect won't talk, let's file some charges against him and rattle his cage.

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CHASE THE DRAGON means: Chase the dragon is slang for taking heroin or opium by smoking it.

Meaning of SPARKLE

SPARKLE means: Sparkle is slang for gems.

Meaning of SUSHI BAR

SUSHI BAR means: Sushi bar is British slang for the vagina.

Meaning of scum

scum means: Noun. A worthless person or persons. Derog. {Informal}

Meaning of blow away

blow away means: Greatly impress someone. I was blown away by his donation of a million dollars.

Meaning of feel

feel means: To understand. You know me but do you feel me?

Meaning of c-hair, cunt hair

c-hair, cunt hair means: A unit of measure, e.g. That (whatever) was/is as small as a c-hair.

Meaning of give someone a burn

give someone a burn means: To infect someone with a venereal disease.

Meaning of kid

kid means: Child, young person. Hey kid, where are you going?

Meaning of MIOKYE

Meaning of MOYPTIM

Meaning of THAYFTYI

Meaning of ZEYWYIJOK

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