Slang FLY LIGHT means

FLY LIGHT means: Miss a meal. Boomers often did that; hoboes still do

What is the slang definition/meaning of FLY LIGHT?

FLY LIGHT means: Miss a meal. Boomers often did that; hoboes still do

Meaning of FLY LIGHT slang

Slang: FLY LIGHT means: Miss a meal. Boomers often did that; hoboes still do

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Meaning of AllAround Light:

AllAround Light: means: A light showing an unbroken light over an arc of the horizon of 360 degrees. An anchor or riding light is an all:round light.

Meaning of Masthead Light

Masthead Light means: Also known as a steaming light. The masthead light is a white light that is visible for an arc extending across the forward 225° of the boat. When lit the masthead light indicates that a vessel under power, including sailboats with engines running. Masthead lights are usually located halfway up the mast rather than at the top.

Meaning of Fixed Light

Fixed Light means: A navigational light with a steady beam of light, having no intervals of darkness.

Meaning of Tricolor Light

Tricolor Light means: A running light allowed on some sailboats instead of the normal bow and stern lights. The tricolor light contains the red and green side lights and the white stern light in a single fitting that is attached to the top of the mast.

Meaning of Flashing Light

Flashing Light means: Used to describe a light that blinks on and off, where the period of light is shorter than the period of darkness separating the flashes.

Meaning of Navigation Lights

Navigation Lights means: Required lights on a boat help others determine its course, position and what it is doing. Boats underway should have a red light visible from its port bow, a green light on the starboard bow and a white light at its stern. Other lights are required for vessels under power, fishing, towing, etc.

Meaning of Anchor Light

Anchor Light means: A white light, usually on the masthead, visible from all directions, used to indicate that a vessel is anchored.

Meaning of Riding Light

Riding Light means: An all around white light displayed at night by a ship when she is anchored.

Meaning of Light Port

Light Port means: An opening in a ship's side, provided with a glazed lid or cover for the admission of light.

Meaning of Steaming Light

Steaming Light means: A white navigation light carried by vessels under way at night to indicate their presence and give an indication of their course.

Meaning of Kite

Kite means: A light sail, such as a spinnaker, used to make the most of light following winds.


OUT LIKE A LIGHT means: Out like a light is slang for fall into a deep sleep quickly.

Meaning of Flashing Light

Flashing Light means: A navigational light which is off longer than it is on. Contrast with "Occulting".

Meaning of Directional Light

Directional Light means: A navigational light illuminating a sector or very narrow angle and intended to mark a safe direction to be followed.

Meaning of Quick Flashing Light

Quick Flashing Light means: A navigational aid with a light that flashes about once per second.

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Meaning of CORN JUICE

CORN JUICE means: Corn juice is American slang for whisky.

Meaning of HEAD HONCHO

HEAD HONCHO means: Head honcho is slang for the most important boss.

Meaning of dicksplash

dicksplash means: Person of diminished intelligence or capability. e.g.applied to a person who performs an act incorrectly.

Meaning of scramble

scramble means: Shouted immediately prior to scattering of (usually somebody else's) money/packed lunch/articles of clothing/rare Panini collection was tossed skywards, thus causing a mass "bundle" as greedy classmates scrambled for the treasure... often a single penny.

Meaning of Pung

Pung means: A rude sort of sleigh, or oblong box made of boards and placed on runners, used for drawing loads on snow by horses.

Meaning of MEXICAN MUD

MEXICAN MUD means: heroin

Meaning of POLE PIN

POLE PIN means: Superintendent of telegraph

Meaning of PAOPEI

Meaning of JOEREUD

Meaning of LIUFOUMU

Meaning of OIJURTYAC

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