Slang MONKEY MONEY means

MONKEY MONEY means: The pass of a passenger who is riding free

What is the slang definition/meaning of MONKEY MONEY?

MONKEY MONEY means: The pass of a passenger who is riding free

Meaning of MONKEY MONEY slang

Slang: MONKEY MONEY means: The pass of a passenger who is riding free

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MONKEY MOTION means: Walschaert or Baker valve gear on locomotive. Monkey house is caboose. Monkey suit is passenger trainman's uniform or any other smart-looking uniform. Monkey tail is back-up hose

Meaning of monkey

monkey means: n 1. A person who is mocked, duped, or made to appear a fool: They made a monkey out of him. 2. Drug addiction: have a monkey on one's back.

Meaning of monkey

monkey means: To play carelessly. That new band is money, daddy-o.


MONKEY MONEY means: The pass of a passenger who is riding free

Meaning of butt monkey

butt monkey means: A man (not necessarily homosexual) who is being regularly bent over and shafted up the arse, (as if he were a pet monkey owned solely for use as a sex slave.). Children at school used this one as a jokey insult without considering its full implications. However the same children, now grown up, use it mostly as a metaphor for somebody at one's office or place of work who has infeasible amounts of work dumped on their desk by an uncaring boss i.e. they have become his 'butt monkey'.

Meaning of monkey

monkey means: To play carelessly. Don't monkey with the switch; you might start it up.

Meaning of Bleed the Monkey

Bleed the Monkey means: Secretly, to remove spirit from a keg or cask by making a small hole and sucking through a straw. also called Suck the Monkey

Meaning of MONKEY

MONKEY means: When a crew has been on duty sixteen hours and is caught out on the road, the monkey gets them and they are required by ICC rules to tie -up until a new crew comes. (See dogcatchers)

Meaning of monkey scrub

monkey scrub means: Grabbing a school-mate, getting him in a headlock and rubbing your knuckles up and down his skull. Painful. "I got him and gave him a monkey scrub until his eyes watered.".

Meaning of slapping the monkey

slapping the monkey means: Noun. Masturbating. E.g."How are you going to catch up on your sleep if you're lying there slapping the monkey all night?"

Meaning of money

money means: adj./adv. Right on the mark. To be excellent.  "Yo . . . Billie . . . you are money" "Billy is our leading scorer on the team. He's the money."  2. a name you call your friend. See "g-money."  "Yo money, check this out." 

Meaning of trunky monkey

trunky monkey means: A person who must travel in the trunk of a car because there are no seats left. "Trunky monkies" sometimes get this punishment because of poor behavior; "You're the trunky monkey on the way home!"

Meaning of brass monkey

brass monkey means: cold ‘This weather could freeze the balls off a brass monkey.’

Meaning of grease-monkey

grease-monkey means: (Offensive) An automobile mechanic. Do you want be a grease-monkey all your life

Meaning of Suck the Monkey

Suck the Monkey means: is to suck liquor from a cask through a straw. This is done to avoid broaching the cask, yet still get a drink from the cargo without the Captain knowing. Also, when the milk has been taken from a coconut and rum substituted, drinking this is called ‘Sucking the monkey.’

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Meaning of FRESHER

FRESHER means: Fresher is slang for a first year undergraduate.

Meaning of LINCOLN'S INN

LINCOLN'S INN means: Lincoln's Inn is London Cockney rhyming slang for hand (fin). Lincoln's Inn is London Cockney rhyming slang for five pounds (finn). Lincoln's Inn was th century London Cockney rhyming slang for gin.


SECOND STOREY WORK means: Second storey work is American slang for gaining illegal entry into a private home.

Meaning of dicksplat

dicksplat means: Noun. A despicable person. Cf. 'dicksplash'.

Meaning of RNY

RNY means: it means rainy

Meaning of dumbfuck, dumfuk, dum-fuck

dumbfuck, dumfuk, dum-fuck means: n. Person considered by peers to be unintelligent, stupid.

Meaning of PEEPS

PEEPS means:  short for peoples. used to describe a persons best friends, crew, or gang.

Meaning of What in the blazes…

What in the blazes… means: This expression was used to express shock or surprise.

Meaning of DOGHOUSE

DOGHOUSE means: Caboose or its cupola

Meaning of THUESI

Meaning of XUICHUO

Meaning of EMYEDRAE

Meaning of IAMSEPHOE

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