Slang NOSE ON means

NOSE ON means: Couple on with head end of engine

What is the slang definition/meaning of NOSE ON?

NOSE ON means: Couple on with head end of engine

Meaning of NOSE ON slang

Slang: NOSE ON means: Couple on with head end of engine

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Meaning of NOSE JOB

NOSE JOB means: Nose job is slang for a surgical remodelling of the nose for cosmetic reasons.

Meaning of NOSE HOSE

NOSE HOSE means: Nose hose is medical slang for a nasogastric tube, inserted through the nose into the stomach in order to drain it.

Meaning of Nose in the Manger

Nose in the Manger means:  To put one’s nose in the manger, to sit down to eat. To “put on the nose-bag” is to eat hurriedly, or to eat while continuing at work.

Meaning of NOSE

NOSE means: Nose is slang for cocaine.Nose is British slang for a spy.Nose is British slang for an eavesdropper.Nose was th century British slang for a detective.Nose was th century British slang for an informer.

Meaning of nose

nose means: An ability to detect. Lucy Lastik has a nose for good night spots.

Meaning of nose blow

nose blow means: Noun. A handerkerchief or tissue for the purposes of wiping one's nose.

Meaning of nose wipe

nose wipe means: Noun. A handerkerchief or tissue for the purposes of wiping one's nose.

Meaning of nose

nose means: An informer, a tattle-tale. Lucy Lastik has a nose for good night spots.

Meaning of Cold Nose

Cold Nose means: Radar turned off, also known as “Lights out,” (Navy pilots transmit “My nose is cold” before refueling from Air Force tankers).

Meaning of GET UP ONE'S NOSE

GET UP ONE'S NOSE means: Get up one's nose is British slang for to irritate, annoy.

Meaning of ON THE NOSE

ON THE NOSE means: On the nose is Australian slang for smelly, rank.

Meaning of get up one's nose

get up one's nose means: Vrb phrs. To irritate someone. E.g."He gets right up my nose with his constant complaining."


PAY THROUGH THE NOSE means: Pay through the nose is slang for to pay an excessive amount for something.

Meaning of conk

conk means: Nose, attribution often associated with large nose.

Meaning of cliffhanger

cliffhanger means: When out surfing, you have a long, stringy booger hanging out of your nose, usually undetected until someone tells you about it. Example: “Hey bro, wipe your nose. You have a gnarly cliffhanger.

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Meaning of reek

reek means: somtethin that smells really bad..kinda liek shit..only worse!!!!! +*+Miche*+*

Meaning of Sloshed

Sloshed means: very drink ‘She’s already quite sloshed.’

Meaning of dip set

dip set means: n. A nasty girl.  "Gina don't think about nothin' but how many boys she can jump. She ain't nothin' but a 'dip-set'." 

Meaning of buzz off

buzz off means: A request to go away. Probably related to the noise an irritating insect makes.

Meaning of dingle berry

dingle berry means: (1) Piece of excrement that sticks stubbornly to the buttock and/or buttock hairs. (2) an excessively stupid or unpleasant person.

Meaning of scit

scit means: To mock. e.g. "Miss... Johnny's scitting me!!!"

Meaning of DIBBLE

DIBBLE means: police

Meaning of props

props means: Admiration for something well done. That Princeton cut makes him look too preppy.

Meaning of RYNSEY

Meaning of FIOCHOA

Meaning of PTAYLROE

Meaning of CEOGIALIW

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