Slang RED BOARD means

RED BOARD means: Stop signal

What is the slang definition/meaning of RED BOARD?

RED BOARD means: Stop signal

Meaning of RED BOARD slang

Slang: RED BOARD means: Stop signal

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Meaning of BOARD

BOARD means: Fixed signal regulating railroad traffic, usually referred to as slow board., order board., clear board (for clear tracks) or red board (stop). Do not confuse this with extra board or spare board, colloquially known as slow board or starvation list, usually containing names of qualified train or enginemen not in regular active service who are called to work in emergencies. These names are listed in order of seniority, the man hired most recently being the last one called to service


BUCK THE BOARD means: Working the extra board. (See board)

Meaning of Snakes and Ladders

Snakes and Ladders means: n chutes and ladders. The simple board game in which you roll dice and, depending on which square you land on, you can go whizzing further up the board on ladders or slide down the board on snakes.

Meaning of boogie board

boogie board means: half-sized surf board made from foam

Meaning of Tally Board

Tally Board means: Board, bearing instructions, that comes to a wrecked ship with a life:saving rocket line.

Meaning of washboards

washboards means: board fastened on edge of a boat for more free-board

Meaning of CUT THE BOARD

CUT THE BOARD means: Lay off the most recently hired men on the extra list. (See board)


ACROSS THE BOARD means: Across the board is slang for all−inclusive.

Meaning of Greenie Board

Greenie Board means: Prominently displayed squadron scoreboard where the landing signal officers rate the pilots’ carrier landings (any color other than green is bad ). Also called the “weenie board.”

Meaning of Inward dive

Inward dive means:     A dive that starts with the diver facing the back of the diving board (or away from the water) and spins forward (toward the board) after takeoff.


BOARD AND PLANK means: Board and plank is London Cockney rhyming slang for an American (yank).


BOARD AND EASEL means: Board and easel is London Cockney rhyming slang for diesel.

Meaning of fish hook

fish hook means: When you fall off your board right onto the fins. Example: “Oh crap, my board just fish hooked me in the ass!

Meaning of sticking it

sticking it means: v. sexual intercourse.  2. v. Pulling off a feat or trick. Landing a trick on a board, motocross bike, etc.  "Did you see Nathan sticking it out there on the wake board?" 

Meaning of chalk, to

chalk, to means: Very similar to dustpatch: to chalk someone before a class, to mark them with yr mark without their knowledge, normally using a board rubber. Less used now due to white board introduction. Once done, it is brought to their attention either by slow teasing or brazenly in the presence of a staff member.

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Meaning of FAN

FAN means: Fan is slang for an aircraft propeller. Fan is American slang for backside.Fan was th century British slang for the vagina.

Meaning of ma or mami

ma or mami means: a female, usually Spanish or Puerto Rican. Usually used in a pick up line.  "Hey ma. You lookin' good tonight." 

Meaning of ab

ab means: Contraction of 'abnormal'. Trendy way to say something is odd, unusual, strange or weird - usually in some undefined way, e.g. "Dave's gone ab on me.

Meaning of short-arm bandit

short-arm bandit means: Prison rapists, one that victimizes inmates by raping them.

Meaning of Gig

Gig means: Work, job (Beats)

Meaning of to be up on something

to be up on something means: to know current information about something

Meaning of AYVYOK

Meaning of TAUGYAG

Meaning of SHEEBOSH

Meaning of PTAISUYPS

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