* THROW OUT THE ANCHOR means: Done for the Day

What is the slang definition/meaning of * THROW OUT THE ANCHOR?

* THROW OUT THE ANCHOR means: Done for the Day

Meaning of * THROW OUT THE ANCHOR slang

Slang: * THROW OUT THE ANCHOR means: Done for the Day

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* THROW OUT THE ANCHOR means: Done for the Day

Meaning of ANCHOR

ANCHOR means: Anchor is slang for a juror who has been bribed to influence other jurors to vote for an acquittal. Anchor is slang for a stay of execution.Anchor was old slang for a pick−axe.Anchor is American naval slang for the lowest−ranking class member at the United States NavalAcademy.Anchor is American business slang for the main component of a shopping mall or complex.

Meaning of Anchor Buoy

Anchor Buoy means: A small buoy that is used to mark the position of an anchor. It is attached to the base or crown of an anchor and can be used to recover the anchor if it has to be cast adrift, or to trip it if it becomes wedged.

Meaning of Anchor is Foul

Anchor is Foul means: Anchor cable is caught around the fluke or an object is caught around the anchor. Preventing anchor from digging in.

Meaning of Danforth Anchor

Danforth Anchor means: A brand of lightweight anchor. It has pivoting flukes that dig into the ground as tension is placed on the anchor.

Meaning of Bilged on Her Anchor

Bilged on Her Anchor means: A ship that has run upon her own anchor, so the anchor cable runs under the hull.

Meaning of Fisherman Anchor

Fisherman Anchor means: A traditionally shaped anchor having flukes perpendicular to the stock of the anchor and connected by a shank. These are less common than modern anchors such as the plow and lightweight anchors.

Meaning of Drag

Drag means: (1) The resistance to movement. (2) Dragging your anchor: When a vessel is caught in a storm and heading for land or rocks, they would drop anchor to try to avoid running aground. If the anchor did not grip, it would drag along the bottom.

Meaning of Anchor Buoy

Anchor Buoy means: A small buoy secured by a light line to an anchor to indicate position of anchor on bottom.

Meaning of Nipper

Nipper means: (1) A short length of line, usually braided or marled, used to temporarily bind the anchor cable to the messenger when the anchor is weighed by hand around the capstan. (2) NIPPER The hands whose job it was to 'nip' a sailing ship's anchor cable to the endless belt activated by the capstan when the anchor was being weighed were always the smallest and youngest men on board. Hence the word 'nipper' has come to mean a youngster.

Meaning of CQR Anchor

CQR Anchor means: An anchor that is designed to bury itself into the ground by use of its plow shape. Also called a plow anchor.

Meaning of Mushroom Anchor

Mushroom Anchor means: A type of anchor with a heavy inverted mushroom shaped head. Mushroom anchors are used to anchor in mud and other soft ground.

Meaning of Kedge

Kedge means: (1) A small auxiliary anchor. (2) To kedge is to move a vessel (e.g., a grounded boat) by setting out an anchor and pulling the boat toward it by taking up on the anchor rode

Meaning of Anchor watch

Anchor watch means: A special watch while at anchor, especially during a storm, to detect if the anchor is dragging.

Meaning of Anchor

Anchor means: 1. An object designed to prevent or slow the drift of a ship, attached to the ship by a line or chain; typically a metal, hook-like or plough-like object designed to grip the bottom under the body of water (but also see sea anchor). 2. The act of deploying an anchor ("She anchored offshore.")

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Meaning of BIT SPIT

BIT SPIT means: Bit spit is American slang for to vomit.

Meaning of DODO

DODO means: Dodo is sang for a foolish person, an idiot.Dodo is slang for a conservative person behind the times.

Meaning of NORVIE

NORVIE means: Norvie is South British slang for someone from northern England.

Meaning of TIDE'S OUT

TIDE'S OUT means: Tide's out is British slang for an emptied glass of beer.Tide's out is Southern British slang for a glass of beer with excessive head.

Meaning of cheddar

cheddar means: Cash, mazoola, bread... any one of a hundred things... all meaning money!

Meaning of Shingle with a shimmy and a shake

Shingle with a shimmy and a shake means: Buttered toast with jam

Meaning of Rip-off

Rip-off means: something that was less than the promised value..."what a rip-off"

Meaning of Jack The Dandy

Jack The Dandy means: Brandy

Meaning of LMK

LMK means: Let me know

Meaning of TOOBEO

Meaning of OOSYIMT

Meaning of DOMTUEPS

Meaning of EADREASEA

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