Slang Bebe's Kids means

Bebe's Kids means: Reference to a stand up comic's famous bit about Bebe's kids that inspired a movie years later.

What is the slang definition/meaning of Bebe's Kids?

Bebe's Kids means: Reference to a stand up comic's famous bit about Bebe's kids that inspired a movie years later.

Meaning of Bebe's Kids slang

Slang: Bebe's Kids means: Reference to a stand up comic's famous bit about Bebe's kids that inspired a movie years later.

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Meaning of Bebe's Kids

Bebe's Kids means: Reference to a stand up comic's famous bit about Bebe's kids that inspired a movie years later.

Meaning of BEBE

BEBE means: crack

Meaning of bebe

bebe means: Crack Cocaine

Meaning of Cheesier

Cheesier means: Used in the Bronx; Little kids called other kids this if you sucked up to grown ups.

Meaning of punk, ted or mod

punk, ted or mod means: Question asked by big kids to smaller kids. The wrong response (any) would elicit a punch, although the younger kid could be let off by shouting "Smurf!".

Meaning of drop the kids off at the pool

drop the kids off at the pool means: Vrb phrs. Euphemism for defecation. E.g."I cant even think about eating breakfast until I've had a cigarette and dropped the kids off at the pool."

Meaning of A.B.C.

A.B.C. means: Acronym used by British kids to refer to 'African Bum-Cleaner', but also used by Australian kids to cruelly trick the ir peers into a lose-lose situation. If they said 'yes', they were 'Aboriginal Bum-Cleaners', yet if they said 'no ', they weren't 'Australia's Best Cricketer'.

Meaning of grammar puff

grammar puff means: Ubiquitous insult used by kids from the various secondary modern schools against us Grammar School kids (one of the last in the country) if you were spotted in your uniform. The reply was usually "Thicko!" - esp. if you were in a gang or feeling brave/suicidal/a good runner and on your own.

Meaning of KIDS' STUFF

KIDS' STUFF means: Kids' stuff is slang for something considered fit only for children. Kids' stuff is slang for something considered simple or easy.

Meaning of swot

swot means: A kid who displays a higher level of intelligence that the norm for a class is swot. It isn;t meant nicely either. Trouble is these kids are often gited kids who because of their advanced intelligence seem arrogant or stand offish to the less able but more socially minded peer group. Quite sad really.

Meaning of pantload

pantload means: Used to describe someone who has/got a lot of stuff, i.e. when kids would overstuff the pockets. Other obvious reference would be kid wearing diaper (full) under pants. Probable origin is from cargo pants kids wore, but now worn by adults as well. Used as "Man, you got a pantload of candy on halloween!"

Meaning of street kid, street kids

street kid, street kids means: A homeless juvenile, most commonly between the age of 12 to 18. They may be runaways, or throw away kids, kicked out of the home by parents.[ Little Jason was a 14 your old boy, when his mother kicked him out of the house, he is 18 now, still a street kid, living on the streets of Seattle]

Meaning of sconner

sconner means: A 'sconner' was a person who had failed to begin the growth of pubic hair. This word was only really got used by the nine to twelve age group, as everyone over that age had pretty much got over of puberty, and had moved on to the sexual frustration and terminal boredom of adolescence. I'd love to know if kids at my old school still say it, I do hope the pubeless baton has been passed down through the years. In extreme cases, boys who were targetted as 'sconners' would pull down their trousers in order to display their repost. Kids are fucking barmy aren't they? Also : General term of abuse to describe kids in your class who were known to have not yet developed pubic hair. Ie: "you know that Bob Smith, he's a right sconner". It would seem that this word is exclusively used within the Black Country, not even venturing as far as Birmingham or Coventry!

Meaning of dose

dose means: (1). an exceptionaly thick person or used as an insult for someone who has just done something particularly daft: e.g."You dose!" (2). venereal disease (sexually transmitted infection), most often used with 'clap' as in "I wouldn't screw her - I heard she's had a dose of clap...!" (ed: trouble was back in the 60's that most kids had NO idea either what VD really was or what a problem "the clap" could be so went ahead anyway. Kids are more enlightened today - aren't they??)

Meaning of myout

myout means: Myout' (pronounced my-yoot) derived from 'my youth' a derogatory term used by older kids when talking to younger (or sometimes older - its even more insulting) kids to call them over. Used as: kid1: myout' get you rassclat over ere kid2: what-a gwan man kid1: notin myout, me jus wan you here!

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Meaning of INSIDE LEFT

INSIDE LEFT means: Inside left is British slang for the ten in a deck of playing cards.


LONDONDERRY means: Londonderry was th century London Cockney rhyming slang for sherry.

Meaning of WAX

WAX means: Wax is hip−hop slang for a vinyl record.

Meaning of old lady

old lady means: Noun. Mother, girlfriend or wife.

Meaning of rev

rev means: Revolting, ugly. That dress is so rev; take it off!

Meaning of whellah

whellah means: Exclamation at the conclusion of a list of chores or steps leading up to an end result.. similar to presto, or eureka.

Meaning of cure

cure means: a funny fellow

Meaning of joey

joey means: much debate about this: According to my information (1894 Brewer, and the modern Cassell's, Oxford, Morton, and various other sources) Joey was originally, from 1835 or 1836 a silver fourpenny piece called a groat (Brewer is firm about this), and this meaning subsequently transferred to the silver threepenny piece (Cassell's, Oxford, and Morton). I'm convinced these were the principal and most common usages of the Joey coin slang. Cassell's says Joey was also used for the brass-nickel threepenny bit, which was introduced in 1937, although as a child in South London the 1960s I cannot remember the threepenny bit ever being called a Joey, and neither can my Mum or Dad, who both say a Joey in London was a silver threepence and nothing else (although they'd be too young to remember groats...). I'm informed however (ack Stuart Taylor, Dec 2006) that Joey was indeed slang for the brass-nickel threepenny bit among children of the Worcester area in the period up to decimalisation in 1971, so as ever, slang is subject to regional variation. I personally feel (and think I recall) there was some transference of the Joey slang to the sixpence (tanner) some time after the silver threepenny coin changed to the brass threepenny bit (which was during the 1930-40s), and this would have been understandable because the silver sixpence was similar to the silver threepence, albeit slightly larger. There is also a view that Joey transferred from the threepenny bit to the sixpence when the latter became a more usual minimum fare in London taxi-cabs. So although the fourpenny groat and the silver threepenny coin arguably lay the major claim to the Joey title, usage also seems to have extended to later coins, notably the silver sixpence (tanner) and the brass-nickel threepenny bit. The Joey slang word seems reasonably certainly to have been named after the politician Joseph Hume (1777-1855), who advocated successfully that the fourpenny groat be reintroduced, which it was in 1835 or 1836, chiefly to foil London cab drivers (horse driven ones in those days) in their practice of pretending not to have change, with the intention of extorting a bigger tip, particularly when given two shillings for a two-mile fare, which at the time cost one shilling and eight-pence. The re-introduction of the groat thus enabled many customers to pay the exact fare, and so the cab drivers used the term Joey as a derisory reference for the fourpenny groats.

Meaning of EAGRYE

Meaning of CHIOCHU

Meaning of BIAPHOYZ

Meaning of OYGLUYRTO

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