Slang Cargo means

Cargo means: Slave ship reference.

What is the slang definition/meaning of Cargo?

Cargo means: Slave ship reference.

Meaning of Cargo slang

Slang: Cargo means: Slave ship reference.

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Meaning of Black Cargo

Black Cargo means: Cargo banned by general cargo workers for some reason. This ban could be because the cargo is dangerous or hazardous to health.

Meaning of Cargo Ship

Cargo Ship means: Any sort of ship or vessel that carries cargo, goods, and materials from one port to another, including general cargo ships (designed to carry break bulk cargo), bulk carriers, container ships, multipurpose vessels, and tankers. Tankers, however, although technically cargo ships, are routinely thought of as constituting a completely separate category.

Meaning of Cargo Hatch

Cargo Hatch means: An opening in a ship's deck for the loading and discharging of any kind of cargo.

Meaning of Shifting

Shifting means: This refers to movements or changing positions of cargo from one place to another. This can easily endanger the seaworthiness or cargo:worthiness of the ship.

Meaning of Cargo Handling

Cargo Handling means: The act of loading and discharging a cargo ship.

Meaning of Container Ship

Container Ship means: A cargo ship that carries all of her cargo in truck-size intermodal containers.

Meaning of Net Tonnage

Net Tonnage means: Useful cargo carrying capacity of vessel. The volume of cargo a ship could carry, equal to gross tonnage minus the crew cabins, storerooms and machinery spaces. One ton equals 100 cubic feet.

Meaning of Bulk Carrier

Bulk Carrier means: A merchant ship specially designed to transport unpackaged bulk cargo in its cargo holds. Also bulk freighter or bulker.

Meaning of DECK CARGO

DECK CARGO means: Deck cargo is British slang for women's breasts.

Meaning of Barge

Barge means: (1) A cargo carrying vessel, usually without an engine, towed or pushed by a tug. Small barges for carrying cargo between ship and shore are known as lighters. (2) Also a term in sail racing : a boat which forces its way illegally between another contestant and the starting line is said to be barging.

Meaning of Merchantman

Merchantman means: Any non-naval passenger or cargo-carrying vessel, including cargo ships, tankers, and passenger ships.

Meaning of Deadweight

Deadweight means: A common measure of ship carrying capacity. The number of tons (2240 lbs.) of cargo, stores and bunkers that a vessel can transport. It is the difference between the number of tons of water a vessel displaces "light" and the number of tons it displaces "when submerged to the 'deep load line'." A vessel's cargo capacity is less than its total deadweight tonnage. The difference in weight between a vessel when it is fully loaded and when it is empty (in general transportation terms, the net) measured by the water it displaces. This is the most common, and useful, measurement for shipping as it measures cargo capacity.

Meaning of Lighter

Lighter means: General name for a broad, flat:bottomed boat used in transporting cargo between a vessel and the shore. The distinction between a lighter and a barge is more in the manner of use than in equipment. The term "lighter" refers to a short haul, generally in connection with loading and unloading operations of vessels in harbor while the term "barge" is more often used when the cargo is being carried to its destination over a long distance.

Meaning of a cargo de

a cargo de means: in charge of; responsible for; by

Meaning of Cargo

Cargo means: Ship supplies.

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Meaning of FULL

FULL means: Full is American and Australian slang for drunk.

Meaning of LENGTH

LENGTH means: Length is British slang for a six−month prison sentence. Length is British slang for the penis.

Meaning of RAMPED−UP

RAMPED−UP means: Ramped−up is British slang for the price something is set at.

Meaning of lob

lob means: Verb. 1. To discard, to throw away. E.g."It's no use, it's broken, just lob it." 2. To pass, to give. E.g."Will you lob me the salt and pepper?"

Meaning of Jack

Jack means: Jack Daniel's bourbon whiskey. "Hey bartender, give me a Jack and Coke." The inventor of Jack, Jasper Newton "Jack" Daniel was born in September 1846, He was of Welsh, Scottish, English, and Scots-Irish descent - a good background for whiskey making.

Meaning of blow off

blow off means: To fail miserably. I hear she blew off Chem 374.

Meaning of peggers

peggers means: Pants tapering to a narrow opening at the cuff. He always wore peggers and a T-shirt to class.

Meaning of Cheese

Cheese means: (cheez) verb, (pres.  participle: cheesin’) smile.  “Emilia must have finally hooked up, look how she’s cheesin’”  [Etym., 90’s youth culture]

Meaning of cuddy

cuddy means: an enclosed space forward or aft of a dory or small vessel

Meaning of YPTOIR

Meaning of MEBYOSS

Meaning of STUERIEM

Meaning of OAMYEDSAY

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