Slang Cheese means

Cheese means: (cheez) verb, (pres.  participle: cheesin’) smile.  “Emilia must have finally hooked up, look how she’s cheesin’”  [Etym., 90’s youth culture]

What is the slang definition/meaning of Cheese?

Cheese means: (cheez) verb, (pres.  participle: cheesin’) smile.  “Emilia must have finally hooked up, look how she’s cheesin’”  [Etym., 90’s youth culture]

Meaning of Cheese slang

Slang: Cheese means: (cheez) verb, (pres.  participle: cheesin’) smile.  “Emilia must have finally hooked up, look how she’s cheesin’”  [Etym., 90’s youth culture]

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Meaning of CHEESE

CHEESE means: Cheese is slang for detest.Cheese is British slang for smegma.Cheese is prison slang for to act in a grovelling manner.Cheese is slang for a Dutch person.Cheese is Australian slang for a wife.

Meaning of knob cheese (!) *

knob cheese (!) * means: Noun. Smegma. Cf. 'cheese'. Exclam. An exclamation of annoyance. * Also spelt nob cheese.

Meaning of 'cheese-eater'

'cheese-eater' means: I'm pretty sure the definition you list for a brown-noser - "cheesier" - is in fact supposed to be "cheese-eater." I've heard cheese-eater used numerous times as a synonym for a suck-up, but never cheesier. Is it possible that someone mis-heard "cheese-eater" and just always heard it as "cheesier"?


CUT SOME CHEESE means: Cut some cheese is British slang for to emit foul smelling wind from the anus.

Meaning of Hard Cheese

Hard Cheese means: An expression of bad luck.“Hard cheese if he does. We’re entitled to our break.”

Meaning of Head-Cheese

Head-Cheese means: The ears and feet of swine cut up fine, boiled, and pressed into the form of a cheese.

Meaning of LIKE CHEESE

LIKE CHEESE means: Like cheese is Black−American slang for any strong odor

Meaning of cheese-balled

cheese-balled means: To be under a great deal of stress. Don't look so down, man, cheese me one.

Meaning of big cheese

big cheese means: An important person. He thinks that he is a big cheese just because he has a new Oldsmobile.

Meaning of CHEESE IT

CHEESE IT means: Cheese it is American slang for beware, hide, run away.

Meaning of BIG CHEESE

BIG CHEESE means: Big cheese is slang for an important person.

Meaning of Poutine

Poutine means: Originally from Quebec, French fries covered in cheese curds with hot gravy poured over. The gravy melts the cheese, so it's all stringy and yummy.

Meaning of KNOB−CHEESE

KNOB−CHEESE means: Knob−cheese is British slang for smegma (a sebaceous secretion found under the foreskin).

Meaning of cheese

cheese means: To smile. That cat right there makes some serious cheese.

Meaning of cheese

cheese means: Money. That cat right there makes some serious cheese.

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Meaning of LOSE IT

LOSE IT means: Lose it is British slang for to lose control, become enraged.

Meaning of gypo

gypo means: Noun. A gypsy. Also 'gippo'. Usually derog.

Meaning of spaz out

spaz out means: Verb. To have a tantrum, lose control, become extremely emotional. E.g."She totally spazzed out, smashed the TV, broke three windows and then locked herself in the bathroom until daybreak."

Meaning of (the) Sweeney

(the) Sweeney means: Noun. A specialist section of the London Metropolitan Police called the Flying Squad, a branch of the CID. Rhyming slang on Sweeney Todd, meaning Flying Squad.

Meaning of trouble and strife

trouble and strife means: Noun. Wife. Cockney rhyming slang.

Meaning of Reverse the charges

Reverse the charges means: When you want to ring someone up and you have no money you can call the operator and ask to reverse the charges in the UK. In the US you would call collect.

Meaning of yuck

yuck means: Cry of disgust.

Meaning of Sitrep

Sitrep means: TIE pilot slang term for "situation report."

Meaning of DITCH WEED

DITCH WEED means: inferior quality marijuana

Meaning of Netherskens

Netherskens means:   Low lodging houses, flophouses

Meaning of PHOITH

Meaning of WIYCHOA

Meaning of DUYSHYAS

Meaning of IILSUASAE

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