Slang to talk trash means

to talk trash means: to say offensive things

What is the slang definition/meaning of to talk trash?

to talk trash means: to say offensive things

Meaning of to talk trash slang

Slang: to talk trash means: to say offensive things

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Meaning of talk trash

talk trash means: To spend time talking. We spent the whole afternoon talking trash and watching TV.

Meaning of to talk trash

to talk trash means: to say offensive things

Meaning of talk trash

talk trash means: To spend time talking. The don ordered his own son taken out.

Meaning of TRASH

TRASH means: Trash is slang for to attack or destroy someone or something wilfully or maliciously. Trash is slang for to criticise severely.

Meaning of hollin'

hollin' means: v. To talk trash in exaggerated terms or to lie on someone.  "All y'all ni**a's that's been hollin' on the Stealers got's to eat it now cause they just won the Bowl baby!" 

Meaning of dee-bo

dee-bo means: (1) Acknowlegement someone has delivered a telling insult or response. e.g. "Can I have some of that candy?" Response: "When pigs fly!" Bystander: "DEE-BO". (2). Sports trash talk: exclamation after stealing the ball, rejecting a shot, etc.

Meaning of mullet

mullet means: (1) Type of haircut: short on top (possibly spiky) and long at the back. (2) Used to describe white trash. It is usually yelled when someone resembeling whit trash passes by...."Mullllllleeeeeet!!!!!".

Meaning of white trash

white trash means: Poor people that do not attempt to hide their lack of money. They live in filth (e.g. rusting cars and old kitchen appliances fill the front yard,) they are poorly educated, they don't care about their appearance (e.g. they are poorly groomed and overweight, wear dirty and tattered clothes,) et cetera. Though "white trash" can live anywhere, they are indigenous to the midwestern and southern United States; "90% of my school is white trash.".

Meaning of WHITE TRASH

WHITE TRASH means: White trash is slang for poor white people living in the southern USA. White trash is slang for decadent rich white people.

Meaning of trash

trash means: tr.v. trashed, trashing, trashes 1. a. To throw away; discard trashed the broken toaster. b. To wreck or destroy by or as if by vandalism; reduce to trash or ruins. c. To beat up; assault. d. To subject to scathing criticism or abuse; attack verbally.

Meaning of Real talk

Real talk means: , (reel tawk) n., serious talk, not joking around.  “Real talk, where are we going tonight.”  [Etym., 90’s youth culture]

Meaning of parler à bâtons rompus

parler à bâtons rompus means: talk about this and that; talk about little things (lit.: talk over broken sticks)

Meaning of MR. MENTION

MR. MENTION means: Talk of the town, originally talk of the females signifying someone with many female conquests

Meaning of Talk a good days work

Talk a good days work means: An all talk, no action, type of person.

Meaning of Barnum

Barnum means: "To talk Barnum” is to not indulge in extravagant, hugh falutin’ talk, but talks in a quiet manner.

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BUNGEE JUMPER means: Bungee jumper is nursing slang for a patient who pulls on his catheter tube.

Meaning of defo, double damn defo

defo, double damn defo means: Abbreviation of definitely. Double damn defo was an extension of defo (definitely) to indicate that it was "written in stone...".

Meaning of penis souvenir

penis souvenir means: A sexually-transmitted disease such as syphilis or AIDS.

Meaning of GLASS

GLASS means: hypodermic needle

Meaning of COLUMBIAN

COLUMBIAN means: cannabis

Meaning of MISTER BLUE

MISTER BLUE means: morphine

Meaning of pinnacle

pinnacle means: a conical piece of ice standing out prominently. Sealers use them as markers when they wish to leave any of their impedimenta or seals, so that they can be located easily on return; they were also used to tie vessels onto, for warping through the ice

Meaning of hotsy-totsy

hotsy-totsy means: Seemingly excellent, outstanding. Look at Bud with his collar up; he thinks he is such a hotshot.

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Meaning of AIGLYEJ

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