Slang bang up means

bang up means: first class style

What is the slang definition/meaning of bang up?

bang up means: first class style

Meaning of bang up slang

Slang: bang up means: first class style

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Meaning of bang bang

bang bang means: n. Fake bootleg clothing, sneakers, jewelry and or gear.  "Look at that fool tryin’ floss wit’ them bang bang bapes and monkey jeans, the tag is even upside down!" 

Meaning of BANG UP

BANG UP means: Bang up is slang for to imprison.Bang up is prison slang for to lock up a prisoner in his cell, especially for the night. Bang up is slangfor inject oneself with hard drugs.

Meaning of BANG

BANG means: Bang is slang for cannabis.Bang is slang for sexual intercourse.Bang is Australian slang for a brothel.Bang is slang for an exciting experience.

Meaning of bang-bang-bang

bang-bang-bang means: A quick sexual act with little or no tenderness, a rushed act of sex.

Meaning of bang

bang means: n. Any party, but especially a party where promiscuous girls may be present.  "Let's check out that bang at Jo's crib tonight."  2. v. to have sex.  "Check out that squirrel. Ooooo . . . I'm gonna bang that tonight!"  3. v. to fight. 

Meaning of JOY BANG

JOY BANG means: Joy Bang is American slang for to take a dose of a narcotic for occasional pleasure.

Meaning of BANG ON

BANG ON means: Bang on is British slang for to nag, talk incessantly and boringly.

Meaning of bang-up

bang-up means: Excellent, outstanding. We had a bang-up time at the party last night.

Meaning of bang

bang means: The men who prefers the passive role in anal intercourse the man who fucks, as opposed to the one who is doing the fucking. [the paperboy turned out to be a good bang.]

Meaning of bang-up

bang-up means: Excellent, outstanding. I get a bang out of bungee jumping.

Meaning of bang

bang means: Verb. 1. To copulate. A particularly aggressive term. 2. To put or place, the implication being with nonchalence. E.g."I'll bang those in an envelope and send them off first post in the morning." Noun. An act of copulation.

Meaning of bang

bang means: A party. They had a big bang at his place last night.

Meaning of bang

bang means: Fun, pleasure. I get a bang out of bungee jumping.

Meaning of bang

bang means: Fun, pleasure. They had a big bang at his place last night.

Meaning of whiz-bang

whiz-bang means: Impressive or flashy. Typically used to refer to new technology; "This software update has a lot of new whiz-bang features!".

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Meaning of ICEBERG

ICEBERG means: Iceberg is American slang for a person considered to have a cold or reserved manner.


KITCHEN RANGE means: Kitchen range is London Cockney rhyming slang for change.

Meaning of Konjoo nashi!

Konjoo nashi! means: You ain't got no balls, (you're lacking in the 'brave' department)

Meaning of gassed up

gassed up means: v. To be hyped up and encouraged to think more of one's self than needed; to be pumped up provoking arrogance and cockyness.  "Aye, Jay's new girl gots him gassed up, like he's ish or something." 

Meaning of PURPLE RAIN


Meaning of RED CAPS

RED CAPS means: crack

Meaning of OIPEEJ

Meaning of EEKSEOJ

Meaning of AOSSOAMT

Meaning of MIYHEIPTU

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