Slang bridge means

bridge means: porch or veranda, back step

What is the slang definition/meaning of bridge?

bridge means: porch or veranda, back step

Meaning of bridge slang

Slang: bridge means: porch or veranda, back step

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Meaning of Bridge Wing

Bridge Wing means: An open-air extension of the bridge to port or starboard, intended for use in signaling.

Meaning of BRIDGE HOG

BRIDGE HOG means: Bridge and building carpenter of the old school antedating steel and concrete

Meaning of Navigation Bridge

Navigation Bridge means: The bridge used for taking observations, or directing the handling of the ship.

Meaning of Swinging Bridge

Swinging Bridge means: A bridge that swings away from the waterway so that boats may pass beside it.

Meaning of Flying Bridge

Flying Bridge means: The highest navigation bridge. It usually includes an added set of controls above the level of the normal control station for better visibility.

Meaning of Bridge

Bridge means: A structure above the weather deck, extending the full width of the vessel, which houses a command centre, itself called by association, the bridge.

Meaning of Well Deck

Well Deck means: The two spaces on the main deck of an older type merchant ship, one between the forecastle and the midships housing which supports the bridge, and the other between this midships area and the poop deck. Most modern merchant vessels are now built with the bridge aft and an uninterrupted flush deck from the bridge to the bow of the ship.

Meaning of BRIDGE

BRIDGE means: Bridge is American slang for a quantity of four.

Meaning of Bridge House

Bridge House means: The erection or superstructure fitted about amidship on the upper deck of a ship. The officer's quarters, staterooms and accommodations are usually in the bridge house.


TOWER BRIDGE means: Tower Bridge is London Cockney rhyming slang for a fridge.

Meaning of piffins bridge

piffins bridge means: The Piffins Bridge is the area of no mans land betwixt the very back of a mans scrotum and his anal sphincter. Which is of generally no use at all.

Meaning of Wing

Wing means: An extension on the side of a vessel. A bridge wing is an open-air extension of the bridge to port or starboard, intended for use in signaling.

Meaning of Bridge party

Bridge party means: Four of something

Meaning of NGB

NGB means: Nearly Good Bridge

Meaning of GB

GB means: Good Bridge

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Meaning of BAZAAR

BAZAAR means: Bazaar is London Cockney rhyming slang for bar.

Meaning of BRAINS

BRAINS means: Brains is British criminal slang for the CID. Brains is British slang for an idiot.


WEISENHEIMER means: Weisenheimer is American slang for an obnoxious person who knows everything.

Meaning of buggergrips

buggergrips means: Noun. Sideburns, facial hair on the side of a man's face.

Meaning of mouse

mouse means: Noun. A female's sanitary tampon. From the vague physical similarities, i.e. having a body, tail, and from being white.

Meaning of titty (tough ...)

titty (tough ...) means: Hard luck.

Meaning of trench coat

trench coat means: An outcast; a freak. Origin: a particularly odd group of peculiar people wear black trench coats; "Look at those trench coats over there!"

Meaning of Bubble And Squeak

Bubble And Squeak means: Week

Meaning of LOUKAO

Meaning of KEOBYEG

Meaning of OENSOISH

Meaning of IUTCHAUPE

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