Slang knocked-up means

knocked-up means: being pregnant

What is the slang definition/meaning of knocked-up?

knocked-up means: being pregnant

Meaning of knocked-up slang

Slang: knocked-up means: being pregnant

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Meaning of KNOCKED UP

KNOCKED UP means: Knocked up is American slang for pregnant. Knocked up is Australian slang for exhausted.

Meaning of knocked out

knocked out means: Asleep. Lem is knocked out; he worked all night long.

Meaning of knocked up

knocked up means: pregnant ‘He’s knocked her up, the dirty bastard.’

Meaning of knocked up

knocked up means: to get someone pregnant - "Joe knocked up Sally and had to marry her."

Meaning of knocked up

knocked up means: to get someone pregnant - "Joe knocked up Sally and had to marry her."

Meaning of Pelican Hook

Pelican Hook means: A quick-release shackle which can be knocked free with a hammer. Often used to secure the anchor cable, because it may be knocked free quickly.

Meaning of Knocked up

Knocked up means: Made pregnant ( he knocked her up).

Meaning of KNOCKED OUT

KNOCKED OUT means: Knocked out is slang for very impressed.

Meaning of knocked out

knocked out means: asleep.  "Yo Jerry is knocked out!" 

Meaning of knock

knock means: v knocked, knocking, knocks To find fault with ; criticize: Don't knock it until you've tried it n: A cutting, often petty criticism.Phrasal Verbs:knock down To receive as wages; earn: knocks down $50 an hour.knock off 1. To kill or overcome. 2. To hold up or rob: knocked off a bankknock-out A strikingly attractive or impressive person or thing.She's a knock-outknock up To make pregnant.Idioms:have it knocked To be certain of success.knock dead To affect strongly and positively.knock it off Quit it. Often used in the imperative: Knock it off! I'm trying to sleep.knock the/someone's socks off To overwhelm or amaze.

Meaning of KO

KO means: Knocked Out

Meaning of knocked-up

knocked-up means: being pregnant

Meaning of Knocked Up

Knocked Up means: Stolen; counterfeit

Meaning of K.O. 

K.O.  means: (acr.) Knocked Out. To be defeated in combat.

Meaning of knock up

knock up means: To get someone pregnant. His report knocked them out.

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Meaning of ERIC

ERIC means: Eric is British slang for an erection.Eric is British slang for a foolish, gauche or unpopular male.Eric is British slang for a German.


TOUCH OF THE TAR−BRUSH means: Touch of the tar−brush is derogatory British slang for having a skin colour which suggests black or coloured ancestry.

Meaning of sleep around

sleep around means: To have sex with many people; "He's never at home because he sleeps around so much."

Meaning of basket

basket means: The displayed outline of male genitals in pants.

Meaning of Cut Of His Jib

Cut Of His Jib means: The form of his profile. "I knew him by the cut of his jib."

Meaning of Desert Canary

Desert Canary means: A burro.

Meaning of malarkey

malarkey means: Nonsense. You can't live your whole life in a make-believe world.

Meaning of AIBOON

Meaning of YOGHOIL

Meaning of NOOWHUIN

Meaning of PSUERSAYP

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