Slang oneself means

oneself means: mind be careful

What is the slang definition/meaning of oneself?

oneself means: mind be careful

Meaning of oneself slang

Slang: oneself means: mind be careful

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Meaning of ponerse las pilas

ponerse las pilas means: force oneself; push oneself. (lit.: put batteries in oneself)

Meaning of wet oneself

wet oneself means: Verb. To laugh heartily, to find something particularly amuzing. A shortening of wet oneself laughing. E.g."I wet myself when I saw how ridiculous she looked in that hat." Cf. 'piss oneself laughing'.


PSYCH ONESELF UP means: Psych oneself up is slang for to work oneself up into a state of preparedness or aggression.

Meaning of se croire sorti de la cuisse de Jupiter

se croire sorti de la cuisse de Jupiter means: think a lot of oneself; think the world of oneself; think one is God’s gift to the world (lit.: believe oneself to have come from the hip of Jupiter)


PAINT ONESELF INTO A CORNER means: Paint oneself into a corner is American slang for to get oneself into a situation that is difficult to get out of.


AIR OFF ONESELF means: Air off oneself is Jamaican slang for to show off, to display one's superior status at someone else's expense.

Meaning of UP ONESELF

UP ONESELF means: Up oneself is Australian slang for smug, self−satisfied.

Meaning of tickets on oneself

tickets on oneself means: having a high opinion of oneself

Meaning of shift oneself

shift oneself means: Verb. A request to move oneself. Used in imper. E.g."Will you shift yourself so I can vacuum the lounge." {Informal}

Meaning of selfie

selfie means: a picture taken by oneself, of oneself

Meaning of hacer un papelón

hacer un papelón means: make a fool of oneself; embarras oneself. (lit.: to make a large role)

Meaning of go easy

go easy means: To restrain oneself, control oneself. ["Go easy. I haven't been fucked in the ass in a long time."].

Meaning of PARTY DOWN

PARTY DOWN means: Party down is American slang for to let oneself go, to enjoy oneself to the full.


PISS ONESELF means: Piss oneself is British slang for to laugh uproariously.

Meaning of oral masturbation

oral masturbation means: The practice of performing oral fellatio upon oneself, sexual gratitication by oneself, the stimulation of the penis with the lips, tongue and mouth, for sexual pleasure or for orgasm and ejaculation, usually until he has an orgasm, a type of autoerotism. a small percent of males are actually able to perform this, most men are not flexible enough in their back.

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GRAVEL TRAIN means: Gravel train is American slang for a sugar bowl.

Meaning of Evat

Evat means: English slang for the Common Newt (aka the Spotted newt or the smooth newt)

Meaning of Allophone

Allophone means: A resident of Québec who speaks a first language other than English or French. Used only by linguists in other English-speaking countries, this word has come to be used by journalists and broadcasters, and then by the general public, in some parts of Canada.

Meaning of Rave

Rave means: A rave is a type of large party/dance, usually held in warehouses and taking place at night. A DJ plays fast electronic music (trance, house, happy hardcore, etc) amongst bright colored flashing lights. Closely associated with modern drug culture, many ravers take ecstacy or other hallcinogens to heighten the experience.

Meaning of flange

flange means: To walk along. This is an example of the polari underground gay language used in the British Merchant Marine.

Meaning of Jumping Jack

Jumping Jack means: Back

Meaning of Huckleberry

Huckleberry means: As in "I'm your huckleberry" means "I'm just the man you're looking for" or "I'm just the man for the job."


BUSINESSMAN’S SPECIAL means: dimethyltryptamine

Meaning of gauches

gauches means: funny words and tricks; gags

Meaning of OUPTII

Meaning of XYUFOYT

Meaning of EXYAXIPI

Meaning of VEYWEVEGR

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