Slang noggin means

noggin means: a small cup; a small tub used on a sealer (boat) for taking food from the galley

What is the slang definition/meaning of noggin?

noggin means: a small cup; a small tub used on a sealer (boat) for taking food from the galley

Meaning of noggin slang

Slang: noggin means: a small cup; a small tub used on a sealer (boat) for taking food from the galley

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Meaning of NOGGIN

NOGGIN means: Noggin is British slang for the head. Noggin is British slang for a drink.Noggin is British slang for a fool, an idiot.

Meaning of noggin

noggin means: The head. Francine ran into the door and got a knot on her noggin.

Meaning of noggin

noggin means: Noun. The head. E.g." Use your noggin, and think next time."

Meaning of Noggin

Noggin means: the head

Meaning of noggin

noggin means: a person's head

Meaning of use one's noggin

use one's noggin means: Vrb phrs. Meaning the same as 'use one's loaf'.

Meaning of noggin

noggin means: The head. He's been dropping acid; that's why he is nodding.

Meaning of conk

conk means: To hit. He threw the brick straight up in the air and when it came down, it conked him on the noggin.

Meaning of conk

conk means: To hit. I think a brick must have fallen and conked Fuzzy on the noggin.

Meaning of conniption

conniption means: A fit, seizure. He threw the brick straight up in the air and when it came down, it conked him on the noggin.

Meaning of nogoodnik

nogoodnik means: A bad or worthless person. Francine ran into the door and got a knot on her noggin.

Meaning of tommy noggin

tommy noggin means: the swinging frame part of the scales on which a barrow of fish is placed in weighing; the “jig”

Meaning of noggin

noggin means: a small cup; a small tub used on a sealer (boat) for taking food from the galley

Meaning of sarth effrikan

sarth effrikan means: A list of words supposedly an 'introduction' to the language dialect used in South Africa: (ed: in no particular order!): Braai A braai is the first thing you will be invited to when you visit South Africa. It is a backyard all-weather barbecue. So you will have to go even if it's raining like mad and you have a hang of a cold. At a braai you will be introduced to a substance known as "mieliepap". Ag This one of the most useful South African words. Pronounced like the "ach" in "achtung", it can be used to start a reply when you are asked a tricky question, as in: "Ag, I don't know." Or a sense of resignation: "Ag, I'll have some more mieliepap then." It can stand alone too as a signal of irritation or of pleasure. Donner A rude word, from the Afrikaans "donder" (thunder). Pronounced "dorner", it means "beat up." Your rugby team can get donnered in a game, or your boss can donner you if you do a lousy job. Eina It means "ouch". Pronounced "aynah", you can shout it out in sympathy when someone burns his finger on a hot mielie at a braai. Hey Often used at the end of a sentence to emphasise the importance of what has just been said, as in "Jislaaik boet, you're only going to stop a lekker klap if you can't find your takkies now, hey?" It can also stand alone as a question. Instead of saying "excuse me?" or "pardon?" when you have not heard something directed at you, you can say: "Hey?" Isit? This is a great word in conversations. Afrikaner etymologists labored for several years in sterile conditions to devise a way of attaching the word 'is' to the word 'it' and enable South Africans to make intelligent conversation around the braai. Example: "The Russians will succeed in developing capitalism once they adopt a work ethic and respect for private ownership." "Isit?" Jawelnofine This is another conversation fallback word. Derived from the four words: "yes", "well", "no" and "fine", it means roughly "how about that." If your bank manager tells you your account is overdrawn, you can say with confidence: "Jawelnofine." Jislaaik Pronounced" Yis-like", it is an expression of astonishment. For instance,if someone tells you there are a billion people in China, a suitable comment is: "Jislaaik, that's a hang of a lot of people, hey?" Klap Pronounced "klup" - an Afrikaans word meaning smack, whack or spank. If you spend too much time at the bioscope at exam time, you could end up catching a sharp klap from your pa. In America, that is called child abuse. In South Africa, it is called promoting education. Lekker An Afrikaans word meaning nice, this word is used by all language groups to express approval. Gentlemen who spy someone of the opposite sex who is good-looking, may remark: "Lekk-errrrrrr!" Tackies These are sneakers or running shoes. Also used to describe automobile or truck tires. "Fat tackies" are big tires, as in: "Where did you get those lekker fat tackies on your Volksie, hey?" Dop This word has two basic meanings, one good and one bad. First the good. A dop is a drink, a cocktail, a sundowner, a noggin. If you are invited over for a dop, be careful. It could be one or two sedate drinks or a blast, depending on the company you have fallen in with. Now the bad: To dop is to fail. If you dopped Standard Two (Grade 4) more than once, you probably won't be reading this. Sarmie A sandwich. For generations, schoolchildren have traded sarmies during lunch breaks. If you are sending kids off to school in the morning, don't give them liver-polony sarmies. They are the toughest to trade. Bakkie This word is pronounced "bucky" and it is a small truck or pick-up. Young men can take their "cherrie" (girlfriend) to the drive-in bioscope in a bakkie but it is not always an appropriate form of transport because the seats don't recline and you may be forced to watch the film. Howzit A universal South African greeting, often used with the word "No" as in this exchange: "No, howzit?" "No, fine." "Isit?" Mrs Balls'. Chutney We don't know if the lady ever existed, but if she did she has earned a place of honour in South African kitchen history. South Africans eat it with everything, including fried egg.

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Meaning of CHING

CHING means: Ching is British slang for a five pound note.


PACIFIC SLOPE means: Pacific slope is New Zealand slang for the countries of the Pacific rim.

Meaning of doll

doll means: Noun. 1. A young and especially attractive woman. 2. Sweetheart. An expression of endearment, e.g. "Come on doll, it isn't that bad."

Meaning of spackered *

spackered * means: Adj. 1. Mentally or physically impaired, or resembling such. 2. Very intoxicated by alcohol or drugs. 3. Exhausted, very tired. * From 'spacker'.

Meaning of Scotty

Scotty means: crack-cocaine. See beamed up

Meaning of work

work means: v. illegal contraband and drugs sold for a profit.  "Aye yo son, I got that work...for sale." 

Meaning of clone zone

clone zone means: Any place where clones congregate.

Meaning of Apple

Apple means: Any big town or city

Meaning of put on

put on means: To deceive or gull. You put down everything I do!

Meaning of UIGAES

Meaning of OITUIMP

Meaning of IYLRYESA

Meaning of EIGRYIVOA

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