Slang scattered means

scattered means: occasional (“they were catching a scattered fish down at the brook”)

What is the slang definition/meaning of scattered?

scattered means: occasional (“they were catching a scattered fish down at the brook”)

Meaning of scattered slang

Slang: scattered means: occasional (“they were catching a scattered fish down at the brook”)

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Meaning of scattered

scattered means: occasional (“they were catching a scattered fish down at the brook”)

Meaning of Strewn

Strewn means: Scattered, spread, stretched

Meaning of quinterin’

quinterin’ means: killing scattered seals while the ship is moving through loose ice

Meaning of BAKE HEAD

BAKE HEAD means: Locomotive fireman. Also called bell ringer, blackie, and many other names scattered throughout this glossary

Meaning of Cats Paws

Cats Paws means: Light variable winds on calm waters producing scattered areas of small waves.

Meaning of Holo  

Holo   means: Short for holographic.  Holo(graphic) polishes have very fine microshimmer-like material (Spectraflair) that gives off a rainbow-like effect when viewed at different angles and in different lighting.  Holo can be either linear or scattered.

Meaning of circuit party or parties

circuit party or parties means: One of several parties scattered around the country that are held to raise money for AIDS research. Circuit parties are sometimes criticised because of the amount of unsafe sex and drug use which supposedly goes on at them.

Meaning of yard-sale

yard-sale means: An extreme biff; stuff scattered about like a yard sale.

Meaning of Scattered Holographic  

Scattered Holographic   means: A polish that has larger and less dense holographic particles.  Often appearing to look more like a shimmer polish.  (HERE is an excellent post explaining how holographic polishes work!  And HERE is a great post showing the difference between the different holo effects.)

Meaning of Spectraflair

Spectraflair means:    From Wikipedia:  “A specialized diffractive colorant for automotive and industrial coatings that show multiple rainbow colors as the viewing angle changes. This pigment is based on microscopic aluminum flakes layered with glass and inorganic pigments. The combination of SpectraFlair’s rainbow-like color, aluminum core, and fine particle size creates an iridescent, liquid silver metallic appearance.”  Spectaflair is often used by indie makers or frankeners to create linear or scattered holographic polishes.

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CHOKE A DARKIE means: Choke a darkie is Australian slang for to defecate.

Meaning of LIDDY

LIDDY means: Liddy is American slang for crazy.

Meaning of NOSE JOB

NOSE JOB means: Nose job is slang for a surgical remodelling of the nose for cosmetic reasons.

Meaning of SHIP OUT

SHIP OUT means: Ship Out is slang for depart.

Meaning of MFWIC

MFWIC means: Mother F***er Who's In Charge

Meaning of doodly-squat

doodly-squat means: A small, worthless amount The president doesn't know doodly-squat about running a country.

Meaning of sell out

sell out means: To betray someone. He wouldn't sell me out; he's my closest friend.

Meaning of jonesing

jonesing means: [after John Jones, the British physician who first described opiate withdrawal in 1700] withdrawal from addiction; by extension, craving any drug

Meaning of CHAOMT

Meaning of YADAMPA

Meaning of HELTEKRY

Meaning of EOZAUGRYE

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