Slang Pig means

Pig means:   A policeman, usually a detective

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Pig means:   A policeman, usually a detective

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Slang: Pig means:   A policeman, usually a detective

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DEADASS means: Deadass is American slang for a very boring, feeble or stupid person.

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TRIGGER means: Trigger is British slang for a slow−witted, stupid person.

Meaning of f-word

f-word means: Noun. A euphemism for 'fuck'. Cf. 'c-word'.

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gori means: Noun. A white woman. From Hindi. Cf. 'gora'. [Indian use]

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spogs means: Sweets, lollies, confectionery.

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Birdseed means: Breakfast cereal

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SULPHARE means: amphetamine

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maggie/brass maggie means: a pound coin (£1) - apparently used in South Yorkshire UK - the story is that the slang was adopted during the extremely acrimonious and prolonged miners' strike of 1984 which coincided with the introduction of the pound coin. Margaret Thatcher acted firmly and ruthlessly in resisting the efforts of the miners and the unions to save the pit jobs and the British coalmining industry, reinforcing her reputation for exercising the full powers of the state, creating resentment among many. When the pound coin appeared it was immediately christened a 'Maggie', based seemingly on the notion that it was '...a brassy piece that thinks it's a sovereign..." (ack J Jamieson, Sep 2007) If you have more detail about where and when this slang arose and is used, please let me know. I am grateful to J Briggs for confirming (March 2008): "...I live in Penistone, South Yorks (what we call the West Riding) and it was certainly called a 'Brass Maggie' in my area. Typically in a derisive way, such as 'I wouldn't give you a brass maggie for that' for something overpriced but low value. It never really caught on and has died out now..."

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