Slang Reader means

Reader means:   Pocketbook or wallet

What is the slang definition/meaning of Reader?

Reader means:   Pocketbook or wallet

Meaning of Reader slang

Slang: Reader means:   Pocketbook or wallet

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Meaning of READER

READER means: Reader is criminal slang for a pocketbook. Reader is slang for a marked playing card.

Meaning of READER

READER means: prescription

Meaning of RDV

RDV means: Reader's Digest Version

Meaning of Reader

Reader means:   Pocketbook or wallet


FIRST READER means: Conductor's train book

Meaning of RFD

RFD means: Is a reader-written journal for gay men which focuses on country living. P. O. Box 68, Liberty, TN 37O95

Meaning of Fakey Jamaikey

Fakey Jamaikey means: Blacks who try to act Jamaican, but actually aren't. Mostly used on TV or for musical purposes. For example, Miss Cleo: psychic advisor and tarot card reader.

Meaning of Small Gazette

Small Gazette means: Is a reader-written journal for gay men which focuses on ads, for gay man that are looking for man, that are small in size or small endowed. Small, Etc. P.O. Box 610294 Bayside, NY 11361-0294

Meaning of SKIMMING

SKIMMING means: Skimming is slang for taking money illegally.Skimming is British slang for illegally taking credit card details by passing the card through a reader.

Meaning of biscuit

biscuit means: £100 or £1,000. Initially suggested (Mar 2007) by a reader who tells me that the slang term 'biscuit', meaning £100, has been in use for several years, notably in the casino trade (thanks E). I am grateful also (thanks Paul, Apr 2007) for a further suggestion that 'biscuit' means £1,000 in the casino trade, which apparently is due to the larger size of the £1,000 chip. It would seem that the 'biscuit' slang term is still evolving and might mean different things (£100 or £1,000) to different people. I can find no other references to meanings or origins for the money term 'biscuit'.

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Meaning of BEGGAR BOY'S

BEGGAR BOY'S means: Beggar boy's (shortened from beggar boy's arse) is London Cockney rhyming slang for money(brass).

Meaning of SNOCKERED

SNOCKERED means: Snockered is American slang for drunk; intoxicated. Snockered is American slang for completed, solved, finished.

Meaning of VEG−OUT

VEG−OUT means: Veg−out is slang for to vegetate, chill−out, idle, loaf, relax.

Meaning of scrotty

scrotty means: Adj. Unpleasant, dirty.

Meaning of Aht

Aht means: Out; Outside

Meaning of effin

effin means: F***ing

Meaning of arra

arra means: either

Meaning of squalmish

squalmish means: queasy

Meaning of mash

mash means: To hug and kiss. I never touch Mary Jane.

Meaning of EUBEAH

Meaning of XIOSEEF

Meaning of PHOEJOEL

Meaning of RUYFAELOA

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