Slang Shiver and shake means

Shiver and shake means:     (Cockney Rhyming slang) A cake

What is the slang definition/meaning of Shiver and shake?

Shiver and shake means:     (Cockney Rhyming slang) A cake

Meaning of Shiver and shake slang

Slang: Shiver and shake means:     (Cockney Rhyming slang) A cake

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SHIVER AND SHAKE means: Shiver and shake is London Cockney rhyming slang for cake.


SHAKE AND SHIVER means: Shake and shiver is theatre rhyming slang for a river.

Meaning of Shake and Shiver

Shake and Shiver means: River. He jumped right into the shake

Meaning of Shake And Shiver

Shake And Shiver means: River

Meaning of Shiver and shake

Shiver and shake means:     (Cockney Rhyming slang) A cake

Meaning of Shiver My Timbers!

Shiver My Timbers! means: An expression of surprise or unbelief, as when a ship strikes a rock or shoal so hard that her timbers shiver.

Meaning of Shake

Shake means: , (shake) n., The less desirable parts of the marijuana plant, that which is left over, shaken onto the table, after the best part, the buds, have been taken out.  “Hey, I can just give you some of this shake.”  See:  Bammer.  [Etym., drug]

Meaning of SHAKE

SHAKE means: Shake is British slang for to alert, rouse. Shake is British slang for masturbate. Shake is Australian slang for to steal.

Meaning of SHAKE DOWN

SHAKE DOWN means: Shake down is American slang for to extort money from, especially by blackmail or threats of violence.Shake down is American slang for to search thoroughly.

Meaning of Shake Up

Shake Up means: To obtain, get, procure. "Can you help me shake up a fiddle player for the barn dance?


LAST SHAKE OF THE BAG means: Last shake of the bag is British slang for the youngest child in a family.

Meaning of shake a leg !

shake a leg ! means: Exclam. Hurry up! Move! E.g."Come on you two, shake a leg! We have to get to the station before 6."

Meaning of shake

shake means: n. bad or loose weed (as opposed to tightly packed buds).  "Say dogg, we ain’t goin’ to get no more sacks from yo cousin, all that fool got is shake!" 

Meaning of Shake A Stick At

Shake A Stick At means: When a man is puzzled to give one an idea of a very great number, he calls it 'more than you can shake a stick at.'


SHAKE DANCER means: Shake dancer is American slang for a femal dancer who shakes her breasts to music.

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Meaning of PUSA

PUSA means: Pusa is South African slang for alcoholic drink, liquor.

Meaning of WHITE TRASH

WHITE TRASH means: White trash is slang for poor white people living in the southern USA. White trash is slang for decadent rich white people.

Meaning of GFI

GFI means: Go For It

Meaning of dimwit

dimwit means: A stupid or foolish person. That dimwit thinks the Gettysburg Address is where Robert E. Lee lived.

Meaning of shrooms

shrooms means: n. Short term for mushrooms, specificly a toxic mushroom used as a hallocinogen.  "I’m bout to get faded once I pop these shrooms." 

Meaning of on the game

on the game means: Participating in prostitution.

Meaning of bunt

bunt means: middle part of a fish seine with the smaller size mesh for “drying up” when the ‘arms” are hauled home; also describing the middle of a sail where the wind bulges it out (seamen terms)

Meaning of Cly faking

Cly faking means:   To pick a pocket, especially of its handkerchief (for which there was a ready market)

Meaning of PUFTAE

Meaning of EAJUONS

Meaning of YICYELOE

Meaning of SHYEHAYJY

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