Slang big wheel means

big wheel means: An important person. He's a big six in my book any day.

What is the slang definition/meaning of big wheel?

big wheel means: An important person. He's a big six in my book any day.

Meaning of big wheel slang

Slang: big wheel ( np ) means: An important person. He's a big six in my book any day.

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Meaning of Wheel

Wheel means: When someone tries to wheel someone, they are trying to hook up with them or take them home. It's as if someone's "wheels are turning" E.g. Dave is trying to wheel that girl; That guy was trying to wheel you last night

Meaning of wheel fuck(ed)

wheel fuck(ed) means: When your spokes end up attached to a wheel suck's wheel.

Meaning of COACH−WHEEL

COACH−WHEEL means: Coach−wheel was slang for a five−shilling coin.Coach−wheel was th century American slang for a silver dollar.

Meaning of wheel

wheel means: An important person. Hardy Partier thinks he's a wheel because he's manager of the mailroom.

Meaning of Pop A Wheelie

Pop A Wheelie means: When driving a bike when you lift front wheel and keep rear wheel on the ground

Meaning of big wheel

big wheel means: An important person. Stan thinks that he is a big wheel just because his dad owns the bank.

Meaning of wheel kiss

wheel kiss means: The kissing sound made when a wheel suck gets too close and rubber rubs.

Meaning of tornado

tornado means: v. to balance on your front wheel while turning your back wheel 90180 degrees in either direction.


ONE UP THE WHEEL means: One up the wheel is British lorry driver slang for urination.

Meaning of wheel

wheel means: A leg. Hardy Partier thinks he's a wheel because he's manager of the mailroom.

Meaning of Trig A Wheel

Trig A Wheel means: To stop a wheel so as to prevent its going backwards or forwards

Meaning of FIFTH WHEEL

FIFTH WHEEL means: Fifth wheel is slang for a superfluous or intrusive extra person.

Meaning of tater

tater means: Collapsing a spoked wheel into that familiar potato chip shape. "Man! When I hit that big chuckhole I tatered my front wheel."

Meaning of WHEEL!

WHEEL! means: An order to replay a favourite song, sometimes used before COME AGAIN as in "wheel and come again".

Meaning of SIX BY SIX

SIX BY SIX means: Six by six is slang for a six wheel truck with six−wheel drive.

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Meaning of CHOMP

CHOMP means: Chomp is slang for eat or bite.

Meaning of TROTS

TROTS means: Trots is slang for having diarrhoea.

Meaning of poof

poof means: Noun. 1. A male homosexual. Also 'puff'. Derog. 2. A feeble, despicable person. Derog.

Meaning of DIC

DIC means: Drunk In Charge

Meaning of dougie, duggie

dougie, duggie means: Exceptionally thick person. Interchangable with spacker/ spanner, but perhaps slightly less offensive.

Meaning of Cheerful Giver

Cheerful Giver means: Liver. Lovely - cheerful for dinner tonight.

Meaning of Pecker

Pecker means: Appetite.

Meaning of CANAMO

CANAMO means: marijuana

Meaning of nunny bag

nunny bag means: a small skin or canvas bag for holding provisions on a journey

Meaning of YAJIAP

Meaning of PSEUDOI

Meaning of OINSUATS

Meaning of YASSAYGOE

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