Slang bones means

bones means: Dice. I get a boner every time Maureen comes into the room.

What is the slang definition/meaning of bones?

bones means: Dice. I get a boner every time Maureen comes into the room.

Meaning of bones slang

Slang: bones ( n ) means: Dice. I get a boner every time Maureen comes into the room.

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Meaning of redbone

redbone means: adj. a lighter complexion African American female.  "I want to go to New Orleans this summer and pull some of them redbone girls!"  Lyrical reference: BEYONCE - Creole  So all my red bones get on the floorAnd all my yellow bones get on the floorAnd all my brown bones get on the floorThen you mix it up and you call it creole 

Meaning of BONES

BONES means: Bones is slang for dice.Bones is slang for a ship's surgeon.

Meaning of BAG OF BONES

BAG OF BONES means: Bag of bones is slang for a thin person.

Meaning of bones

bones means: Money. Seven come eleven! Throw those bones, man!

Meaning of bones

bones means: Dice. Seven come eleven! Throw those bones, man!

Meaning of Bones

Bones means: Money, "I need 7 bones for the movie."

Meaning of bones

bones means: money.  "Nah man, that's bootleg. I can't go to the movies, I ain't got no bones."  2. n. dominos - refers to the color and original dominos material (i.e. ivory or actual animal bone)  3. n. dice. 

Meaning of FUNNY BONES

FUNNY BONES means: Funny bones is British slang for a naturally amusing person.


PRAYER BONES means: Prayer bones is Black−American slang for the knees


JUMP SOMEONE'S BONES means: Jump someone's bones is American slang for to have sexual intercourse with someone.

Meaning of Jump Your Bones

Jump Your Bones means: Jump (someones) bones meaning to want to have sex with that person.

Meaning of bones

bones means: Money. I don't have enough bones to go anywhere.

Meaning of jump someone's bones

jump someone's bones means: To do the sex act with or to someone.

Meaning of BONES

BONES means: crack

Meaning of marrow bones

marrow bones means: the knees

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Meaning of APPLE

APPLE means: Apple is slang for the head.

Meaning of PEDO

PEDO means: Pedo is American slang for a waste of time.


PSYCH SOMEONE OUT means: Psych someone out is slang for to unnerve someone.

Meaning of RATHOLE

RATHOLE means: Rathole is slang for a disgusting, squalid place.

Meaning of having a laugh (!)

having a laugh (!) means: Phrs./Exclam. A phrase expressed to denote incredulity at a person's statement or behaviour. Often heard pronounced in mock Cockney as 'aving a larff. E.g."You're having a laugh! There's no way I'm loaning you money with your reputation with not paying debts."

Meaning of Wazoo

Wazoo means: Your rear end

Meaning of DING

DING means: marijuana

Meaning of LIVE ONES


Meaning of cheese-balled

cheese-balled means: To be under a great deal of stress. Don't look so down, man, cheese me one.

Meaning of pill

pill means: Anything difficult. She is a bitter pill to take with her uppity attitude and all.

Meaning of CHYOSH

Meaning of PHAUSTE

Meaning of WYIHAEPA

Meaning of WUETYAMIE

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