Slang bump off means

bump off means: To kill. My trip to New York was a bummer.

What is the slang definition/meaning of bump off?

bump off means: To kill. My trip to New York was a bummer.

Meaning of bump off slang

Slang: bump off ( v ) means: To kill. My trip to New York was a bummer.

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Meaning of BUMP

BUMP means: Bump is slang for remove someone surreptitiously from a waiting list. Bump is slang for ketamine.

Meaning of bump nasties, bump uglies

bump nasties, bump uglies means: To perform an act of sexual intercourse.

Meaning of bump off

bump off means: To kill. The boss thought we ought to bump off the informer.

Meaning of BUMP OFF

BUMP OFF means: Bump off is slang for to murder or kill.

Meaning of bump start

bump start means: Verb. To help motivate, assist in promoting action. E.g."I think we need to bump start the project with an ideas session."

Meaning of bump-off

bump-off means: Bump off Kill; also, : a killing

Meaning of Bump off

Bump off means: Kill; also, bump-off: a killing

Meaning of BUMP START

BUMP START means: Bump start is British slang for a sudden rousing to action.


BUMP TUMMIES means: Bump tummies is slang for to have sex.

Meaning of KNOCKOUT

KNOCKOUT means: Same as bump

Meaning of tomber sur qqn

tomber sur qqn means: bump into someone

Meaning of Bump

Bump means: Kill

Meaning of bump

bump means: Bring Up My Post

Meaning of Bump Off

Bump Off means: To murder, To kill.

Meaning of bump off

bump off means: Verb. To murder.

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HAPPY BOLLOCKS means: Happy bollocks is British slang for a miserable man.

Meaning of JEREMIAH

JEREMIAH means: Jeremiah is London Cockney rhyming slang for fire.

Meaning of LIQUID X

LIQUID X means: Liquid X is slang for Gamma Hydroxy Butyrate.

Meaning of pimpette

pimpette means: a girl, usually a young attractive girl.

Meaning of get into

get into means: Became seriously interested in. I got into gardening in high school.

Meaning of Lead Plumb

Lead Plumb means: A bullet.



Meaning of C4N

C4N means: Ciao for now

Meaning of Dispatches

Dispatches means:     Loaded dice

Meaning of GIOSTO

Meaning of BUIHAYD

Meaning of WOYTIEJY

Meaning of AINGUOSHA

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