Slang chief means

chief means: A big shot. We were going to do some bungee jumping but my mom chickened out.

What is the slang definition/meaning of chief?

chief means: A big shot. We were going to do some bungee jumping but my mom chickened out.

Meaning of chief slang

Slang: chief ( n ) means: A big shot. We were going to do some bungee jumping but my mom chickened out.

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Slangs, sentences and phrases like chief

Meaning of CERA

CERA means: Chief Engine Room Artificer. Spoken as "Chief ERA".

Meaning of Fleet Chief

Fleet Chief means: The Senior Navy Chief Petty Officer.

Meaning of Chief

Chief means: An unintelligent person; “look at dat chief man, finkin hes all bad.”

Meaning of chief

chief means: Noun. 1. A general term of address. 2. A contemptible person. E.g."I'm not sitting next him, he's a fuckin' chief and I'll likely punch him before the meeting's finished." [London use]

Meaning of chief

chief means: A big shot. He thinks he's the chief but he's just another nobody.

Meaning of HAM AND BEEF

HAM AND BEEF means: Ham and beef was th century British prison rhyming slang for a chief warder (chief).

Meaning of CIO

CIO means: Check It Out -or- Chief Information Officer / Chief Internet Officer


PUDDING AND BEEF means: Pudding and beef is London Cockney rhyming slang for a chief prison officer (chief).

Meaning of Not Me Chief, I'm Comm School

Not Me Chief, I'm Comm School means: At recruit school at HMCS/CFB Cornwallis, all new entries were required to double everywhere on base. Anyone not moving at double time would be admonished. A common expression used at the time was "Not me Chief, I'm Comm School." This term has carried forward through the years and is often used by someone that feels they should be exempt from a particular duty or tasking.

Meaning of Chief Mate

Chief Mate means: The officer in the deck department next in rank to the master; second in command of a ship. He is next to the master, most especially in the navigation and as far as the deck department is concerned. The chief mate assumes the position of the Master in his absence.

Meaning of CHIEF

CHIEF means: LSD

Meaning of CHIEF

CHIEF means: mescaline

Meaning of chief

chief means: LSD; mescaline


NNCIMINTFZ means: Not Now Chief, I'm In The F ***in' Zone


UNDERGROUND HOG means: Chief engineer

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Meaning of PLUNGER

PLUNGER means: Plunger is slang for the penis.

Meaning of YBF

YBF means: You've Been F***ed

Meaning of ditty

ditty means: A trinket. Give me that ditty, will you?

Meaning of straight

straight means: Heterosexual, not gay. He is straight but a lot of his friends are gay.

Meaning of Tuna down

Tuna down means: Tuna fish sandwich

Meaning of Gold Digger

Gold Digger means: A woman who associates with or marries a man for his wealth.

Meaning of RAINBOWS

RAINBOWS means: barbiturates

Meaning of CANNED

CANNED means: Taken out of service

Meaning of GN

GN means: Good night

Meaning of NIETHU

Meaning of VEEVOAH

Meaning of YALROTHU

Meaning of UYTHEWIUX

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