Slang chips means

chips means: Money. That really was a chintzy present you got him.

What is the slang definition/meaning of chips?

chips means: Money. That really was a chintzy present you got him.

Meaning of chips slang

Slang: chips ( n ) means: Money. That really was a chintzy present you got him.

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Slangs, sentences and phrases like chips

Meaning of Chips! Chips!

Chips! Chips! means: Nothing you'll find in the kebab shop around the corner but an expression of alarm or warning. "Chips! Chips! He's off-side"

Meaning of bottle of chips

bottle of chips means: Phrs. An unlikely thing. Used in expressions to add emphasis, such as in 'bent as a bottle of chips', 'queer as a bottle of chips', 'mad as a bottle of chips' etc

Meaning of chips

chips means: n. money.  "Chris is stackin' mad chips now since he got that job at the warehouse."  Lyrical reference: MYSTIKAL LYRICS - Stack Yo Chips  "Mystikal Lyrics stack yo chips" (ughhhh) Stack you chips..." 

Meaning of CHIPS

CHIPS means: Chips is slang for a carpenter. Chips is British slang for money.

Meaning of chips

chips means: n French fries. However, it’s lately been popular to call thin chips “fries” in the U.K, so Brits at least know what “fries” are these days. Classic chips can be obtained from a chip shop (“chippy”) and are a great deal unhealthier. They also vary quite creatively — if you buy them at 9 p.m. they are hard, black and crunchy (because they’ve been cooking since 6:30 p.m., when the dinner rush came through) but if you buy them at 3 a.m. you will find them very akin to raw potatoes, right down to the green bits in the middle (because the chippy employees want all of these drunk punters out of the door so they can go home).

Meaning of chips

chips means: Money. I have to find a job somewhere because I need chips badly.

Meaning of cheap as chips

cheap as chips means: Phrs. Extremely cheap. Chips, referring to French Fries, and from the period when they were considered an inexpensive meal.

Meaning of supper

supper means: n Scottish takeaway meal served with (British) chips. When dish x is served in a Scottish chip shop with chips, it becomes an x supper. What the English call “fish and chips,” the Scots call a fish supper.

Meaning of piss on someone's bonfire / chips

piss on someone's bonfire / chips means: Vrb phrs. To spoil someone's enjoyment, to ruin a good situation. E.g."Don't piss on his chips just because he ruined your party last week; that was an accident and he's said sorry."


FISH AND CHIPS means: Fish and chips is London Cockney rhyming slang for lips.

Meaning of bent as a bottle of chips

bent as a bottle of chips means: Phrs. 1. Homosexual. 2. Crooked, dishonest. See 'bottle of chips'.


CHIPS AND PEAS means: Chips and peas is London Cockney rhyming slang for knees.

Meaning of crippas

crippas means: Bag of potato crisps - or chips in the USA - as opposed to chips in the UK which are French Fries in the USA. Anyway it's used as "How man give us a crippa!", Ironically, although derived from the word 'crisp', crippa was invariably used in reference to the cheap 5 or 10p a bag snacks made from reconstituted corn extract.

Meaning of SPIT CHIPS

SPIT CHIPS means: Spit chips is Australian slang for to be very angry.

Meaning of FLICKS 'N' CHIPS

FLICKS 'N' CHIPS means: Flicks 'n' chips is British slang for a night out.

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Meaning of ALIVE

ALIVE means: Alive is British slang for having money.

Meaning of DUSTERS

DUSTERS means: Dusters is British slang for the testicle.


STRAIGHT−SHOOTER means: Straight−shooter is American slang for honest, trustworthy, straightforward.

Meaning of conflab

conflab means: Noun. A chat, conversation. Also the variation confab. From confabulation. E.g."Before we set off, let's have a conflab about which route we should take." [Informal]

Meaning of hooter

hooter means: Noun. 1. A nose. 2. A woman's breast. Usually in the plural. E.g."Cor! Look at the hooters on her."

Meaning of Lameoo

Lameoo means: a person who is extremly not cool and thinks the're ghetto, even though the're just crackers who live in the big TP

Meaning of Thunderthighs

Thunderthighs means: To lose one's temper; get angry

Meaning of swamp ass

swamp ass means: The effect of sitting and sweating a lot. i.e. trousers/ shorts etc get wet and smell.

Meaning of Haddock And Bloater

Haddock And Bloater means: Motor

Meaning of EIGLOU

Meaning of CHEOJUI

Meaning of DIILOASH

Meaning of WEDROAROA

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