Slang coin means

coin means: Money. Cars that drive themselves? I've never heard such a cockamamie idea!

What is the slang definition/meaning of coin?

coin means: Money. Cars that drive themselves? I've never heard such a cockamamie idea!

Meaning of coin slang

Slang: coin ( n ) means: Money. Cars that drive themselves? I've never heard such a cockamamie idea!

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Meaning of nugget/nuggets

nugget/nuggets means: a pound coin (£1) or money generally. The older nuggets meaning of money obviously alludes to gold nuggets and appeared first in the 1800s. Much more recently (thanks G Hudson) logically since the pound coin was introduced in the UK in the 1990s with the pound note's withdrawal, nugget seems to have appeared as a specific term for a pound coin, presumably because the pound coin is golden (actually more brassy than gold) and 'nuggety' in feel.

Meaning of groat

groat means: an old silver four-penny coin from around 1300 and in use in similar form until c.1662, although Brewer states in his late 1800s revised edition of his 1870 dictionary of slang that 'the modern groat was introduced in 1835, and withdrawn in 1887', which is somewhat confusing. Presumably there were different versions and issues of the groat coin, which seems to have been present in the coinage from the 14th to the 19th centuries. Very occasionally older people, students of English or History, etc., refer to loose change of a small amount of coin money as groats. Sadly the word is almost obsolete now, although the groat coin is kept alive in Maundy Money. The word derives from Middle English and Middle Dutch 'groot' meaning 'great' since this coin was a big one, compared to a penny. The similar German and Austrian coin was the 'Groschen', equivalent to 10 'Pfennigs'. The word can actually be traced back to Roman times, when a 'Denarius Grossus' was a 'thick penny' (equivalent).

Meaning of Shilling

Shilling means: A silver (outdated Australian currency ) coin with a value of twelve pennies. Roughly the size of a United States twenty five cent coin. See also Bob

Meaning of Zach

Zach means: A nickname for a small silver coin (old Australian currency) worth six pennies, and roughly the size of a United States nickel coin. See also Moolah

Meaning of Coin

Coin means: , (koyn) n., money, a metal used for money.  “Hey, man, you got some coin on those fries?”  [Etym., African American]

Meaning of coin

coin means: Money. I need something to eat, dude; do you have any coin?

Meaning of caser/case

caser/case means: five shillings (5/-), a crown coin. Seems to have surfaced first as caser in Australia in the mid-1800s from the Yiddish (Jewish European/Hebrew dialect) kesef meaning silver, where (in Australia) it also meant a five year prison term. Caser was slang also for a US dollar coin, and the US/Autralian slang logically transferred to English, either or all because of the reference to silver coin, dollar slang for a crown, or the comparable value, as was.


OTHER SIDE OF THE COIN means: Other side of the coin is slang for an opposing point of view.

Meaning of Doubloon

Doubloon means: A Spanish gold coin. At different times, it was worth either 4 or 16 silver pesos, or "pieces of eight. "The basic gold coin was the eight escudo piece, often called a doubloon.

Meaning of strike

strike means: a sovereign (early 1700s) and later, a pound, based on the coin minting process which is called 'striking' a coin, so called because of the stamping process used in making coins.

Meaning of florin/flo

florin/flo means: a two shilling or 'two bob' coin (florin is actually not slang - it's from Latin meaning flower, and a 14th century Florentine coin called the Floren). Equivalent to 10p - a tenth of a pound. A 'flo' is the slang shortening, meaning two shillings.

Meaning of stiver/stuiver/stuyver

stiver/stuiver/stuyver means: an old penny (1d). Stiver also earlier referred to any low value coin. Stiver was used in English slang from the mid 1700s through to the 1900s, and was derived from the Dutch Stiver coin issued by the East India Company in the Cape (of South Africa), which was the lowest East India Co monetary unit. There were twenty Stivers to the East India Co florin or gulden, which was then equal to just over an English old penny (1d). (source Cassells)

Meaning of maggie/brass maggie

maggie/brass maggie means: a pound coin (£1) - apparently used in South Yorkshire UK - the story is that the slang was adopted during the extremely acrimonious and prolonged miners' strike of 1984 which coincided with the introduction of the pound coin. Margaret Thatcher acted firmly and ruthlessly in resisting the efforts of the miners and the unions to save the pit jobs and the British coalmining industry, reinforcing her reputation for exercising the full powers of the state, creating resentment among many. When the pound coin appeared it was immediately christened a 'Maggie', based seemingly on the notion that it was '...a brassy piece that thinks it's a sovereign..." (ack J Jamieson, Sep 2007) If you have more detail about where and when this slang arose and is used, please let me know. I am grateful to J Briggs for confirming (March 2008): "...I live in Penistone, South Yorks (what we call the West Riding) and it was certainly called a 'Brass Maggie' in my area. Typically in a derisive way, such as 'I wouldn't give you a brass maggie for that' for something overpriced but low value. It never really caught on and has died out now..."

Meaning of nicker

nicker means: a pound (£1). Not pluralised for a number of pounds, eg., 'It cost me twenty nicker..' From the early 1900s, London slang, precise origin unknown. Possibly connected to the use of nickel in the minting of coins, and to the American slang use of nickel to mean a $5 dollar note, which at the late 1800s was valued not far from a pound. In the US a nickel is more commonly a five cent coin. A nicker bit is a one pound coin, and London cockney rhyming slang uses the expression 'nicker bits' to describe a case of diarrhoea.

Meaning of coin

coin means: n. money

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Meaning of GIVE WIFE

GIVE WIFE means: Give wife is Jamaican slang for a woman's adulterous affair.

Meaning of OKEY DOKE

OKEY DOKE means: Okey doke is London Cockney rhyming slang for cocaine (coke). Okey doke is London Cockney rhyming slang for coca−cola (coke).Okey doke is London Cockney rhyming slang for the contents of a wallet (poke).

Meaning of bump tummies

bump tummies means: Verb. To have sexual intercourse.

Meaning of billabong

billabong means: a waterhole ‘He camped by the billabong.’

Meaning of Tongue Hockey

Tongue Hockey means: 100 pounds

Meaning of MLAS

MLAS means: My Lips Are Sealed

Meaning of dirty

dirty means: Morally bad, dishonorable. I hear that the dirty rat went to a dirty movie last night.

Meaning of A

A means: Nazi Concentration Camp homosexual prisoners were always marked with symbols. In the first years of the Concentration Camp varying symbols were used. A yellow band with an "A" [which was translated as "Arschficker"

Meaning of diddle

diddle means: To do the sex act fuck.

Meaning of Scat

Scat means: Scat is also known as animal fecal matter, which is brown; also for Scat music which is from black origin

Meaning of STYREM

Meaning of DAYJIAH

Meaning of WOEXOAGY

Meaning of OADUAKAXY

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