Slang eye candy means

eye candy means: Someone or something attractive. I saw you eying that motorcycle yesterday; are you going to buy one?

What is the slang definition/meaning of eye candy?

eye candy means: Someone or something attractive. I saw you eying that motorcycle yesterday; are you going to buy one?

Meaning of eye candy slang

Slang: eye candy ( np ) means: Someone or something attractive. I saw you eying that motorcycle yesterday; are you going to buy one?

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Meaning of CANDY

CANDY means: Candy is slang for heroin. Candy is slang for cocaine.Candy is slang for a dose of LSD taken on a sugar cube.Candy is American slang for a type of dark heroin from Mexico.

Meaning of candy

candy means: A code word for sex.  "I went to Jaquilla's house last night and she gave me some of dat candy"  2. A code word for the club drug known as ecstacy.  "Where did you buy that candy that you had at the rave last night?" 

Meaning of candy

candy means: An extremely good looking guy or girl. What a nice couple! They are pure candy.

Meaning of candy raver

candy raver means: Young people who attend raves; rave attendees who wear candy jewelry

Meaning of Candy Man

Candy Man means: Named after Sammy Davis Jr.'s famous song, the "Candy Man."

Meaning of candy floss

candy floss means: n cotton candy. The revolting foodstuff one can buy at fairgrounds which resembles a giant blob of fibreglass wrapped around a stick.

Meaning of GYM CANDY

GYM CANDY means: Gym Candy is slang for any anabolic steroid.

Meaning of Moroccan candy

Moroccan candy means: [ majoun (Arabic) is candy laced with hashish , sold in Morocco, Afghanistan] hashish. See hash

Meaning of ROCK CANDY

ROCK CANDY means: Rock candy is Black−American slang for diamonds

Meaning of CANDY BLUNT

CANDY BLUNT means: Candy blunt is slang for a joint soaked in codeine.

Meaning of candy paint

candy paint means: n. The colorful shiny/glossy coated paint job on a car (usually metallic).  "My ride got that brand new candy paint on it." 

Meaning of eye candy

eye candy means: Someone or something attractive. Look at that eye candy over there.

Meaning of pastille

pastille means: n a small candy. I don’t know enough about candy to be more specific. A while ago the word was used to refer to cough drops, but now Brits largely call those “lozenges” or “throat sweets.” The main use of the word now is in the branded chewy sweets made by Rowntree called Fruit Pastilles.

Meaning of Fairy floss

Fairy floss means: candy floss, cotton candy.

Meaning of NOSE CANDY

NOSE CANDY means: Nose Candy is slang for cocaine.

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AFRICAN LAGER means: African lager is British slang for the beer Guinness.

Meaning of ELRIG

ELRIG means: Elrig is British slang for a girl.

Meaning of topper

topper means: Noun. An exceptional thing or person. Dated expression.

Meaning of TIA

TIA means: Thanks In Advance

Meaning of TRIPS

TRIPS means: alpha-ethyltyptamine

Meaning of ON THE GROUND

ON THE GROUND means: On the ties, as a derailed train

Meaning of Bubba

Bubba means: When referring to prison, the big guy who takes advantage of all the new prisoners is derogatorily called Bubba.

Meaning of squalmish

squalmish means: queasy

Meaning of BUYPSE

Meaning of YOZIAGN

Meaning of AXAGNAIB

Meaning of JITSIAMTE

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