Slang fat-head means

fat-head means: A stupid or foolish person. Ever since I got the new job I've been living in fat city.

What is the slang definition/meaning of fat-head?

fat-head means: A stupid or foolish person. Ever since I got the new job I've been living in fat city.

Meaning of fat-head slang

Slang: fat-head ( n ) means: A stupid or foolish person. Ever since I got the new job I've been living in fat city.

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Meaning of HEAD

HEAD means: Head is slang for a drug user. Head is slang for a toilet. Head is slang for fellatio. Head is slang for cunnilingus.

Meaning of Box Off

Box Off means: In a square rigged ship, the act of hauling the head sheets to windward and laying the head:yards flat aback in order to bring the ships head out of the wind while tacking. This is done when helm action alone is insufficient.

Meaning of DOME / DOME PIECE

DOME / DOME PIECE means: A persons head. Usually referring to fighting and punching someone in the head, or shooting someone in the head.

Meaning of DOME / DOME PIECE

DOME / DOME PIECE means: A persons head. Usually referring to fighting and punching someone in the head, or shooting someone in the head.

Meaning of turtles head

turtles head means: When so desperate to defectate the faeces begin to protrude from the anus in imiatation of a turtles head emeging from its shell. Used as "Aw shite man I have to go NOW - I've got the turtles head".

Meaning of conk

conk means: n 1. The head. 2. A blow, espcially to the head. v. conked, conking, conks To hit, especially on the head. v.intr. To stop functioning; fail: The engine conked out on the final lap. 2. To fall asleep, especially suddenly or heavily: conked out on the couch watching television. 3. To pass out; faint. 4. To die.

Meaning of OUT OF ONE'S HEAD

OUT OF ONE'S HEAD means: Out of one's head is slang for crazy.Out of one's head is slang for intoxicated by drugs or drink.

Meaning of chicken head

chicken head means: n. A girl, often ugly, that no guy wants.  "I know you don't like Nancy, she a chicken head fa sho."  2. Derived from a very vile or derogatory term for a female insinuating that they give oral sex.  Lyrical reference: G-UNIT LYRICS - Wanna Get to Know You  "Think I'm a be chasin the checken head you own somethin. Your toes painted, hair fixed all the time..." 

Meaning of skin head

skin head means: Person with a shaven head (bovver boy look) normally wearing ox blood Doc Martin boots (air wear, 18 holes) bleached jeans and Ben Sherman shirts and red braces. A taunt used towards skin heads went as follows: Hey you skin head over there Whats it like to have no hair Is it hot or is it cold Whats it like to be bald.

Meaning of kicking, getting a kicking, getting your head kicked in

kicking, getting a kicking, getting your head kicked in means: (Brit./Wirral) This occurs when you are up against a rider or group of riders who are going far better than you. You end up getting your proverbial head kicked in. Usage: "Those guys were going so well! They gave me a right kicking" or "They kicked my head in on that last climb". (Chris Boardman uses this one a lot -- displaying his roots perhaps?)

Meaning of swifty

swifty means: To pull someone's hair back from the forehead (using your hands pressed against their head) backwards across the top of the head, causing pain to the hairline region in particular. Particularly effective if done from behind, on Tefals, or on girls with big spams (foreheads). When teachers discovered that this was going on in our Essex comp our surly Welsh head of year stood up in front of everyone in assembly and said "There is a practice going around this school called swiftying" to which we all dissolved into laughter.

Meaning of schmohawk

schmohawk means: Hairstyle where all the hair is brought together in a fan at the top of one's head without shaving the sides (usually a mohawk is where u shave all of your head with the exception of a 2 inch strip of hair in the center reaching from the front of the head to the back of the hair-line). Usually worn by people who are wanna-be's (aka poseurs) who are too afraid to do the real thing so they skimp on the shave


BOLLOCK−HEAD means: Bollock−head is British slang for a shaved head.

Meaning of HEAD JOB

HEAD JOB means: Head job is slang for fellatio.Head job is slang for a crazy person.

Meaning of head

head means: A male receiving oral sex.  "Matt told mike that Jessica gives real good head."  Lyrical reference: Artist: Too-Short; Album: Get In Where You Fit In; Song: Blow Job Betty  “She’s the kind of girl you think about in bed. Blow Job Betty givin’ real good head." 

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Meaning of APPLE

APPLE means: Apple is slang for the head.

Meaning of PEDO

PEDO means: Pedo is American slang for a waste of time.


PSYCH SOMEONE OUT means: Psych someone out is slang for to unnerve someone.

Meaning of RATHOLE

RATHOLE means: Rathole is slang for a disgusting, squalid place.

Meaning of having a laugh (!)

having a laugh (!) means: Phrs./Exclam. A phrase expressed to denote incredulity at a person's statement or behaviour. Often heard pronounced in mock Cockney as 'aving a larff. E.g."You're having a laugh! There's no way I'm loaning you money with your reputation with not paying debts."

Meaning of Wazoo

Wazoo means: Your rear end

Meaning of DING

DING means: marijuana

Meaning of LIVE ONES


Meaning of cheese-balled

cheese-balled means: To be under a great deal of stress. Don't look so down, man, cheese me one.

Meaning of pill

pill means: Anything difficult. She is a bitter pill to take with her uppity attitude and all.

Meaning of CHOUPT

Meaning of EYTOSTI

Meaning of UAGNYEST

Meaning of EIRGUYLTA

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