Slang nuggets means

nuggets means: Loose change. I don't know how you got that idea in your nugget.

What is the slang definition/meaning of nuggets?

nuggets means: Loose change. I don't know how you got that idea in your nugget.

Meaning of nuggets slang

Slang: nuggets ( n ) means: Loose change. I don't know how you got that idea in your nugget.

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Slangs, sentences and phrases like nuggets

Meaning of Speggets

Speggets means: Nuggets (usually heady) covered in parmesean cheese---(see definition of nuggets)

Meaning of nuggets

nuggets means: testicles ‘watch your nuggets, mate.’

Meaning of nuggets

nuggets means: Loose change. Hey, man, do you have any nuggets in your pocket?

Meaning of nugget/nuggets

nugget/nuggets means: a pound coin (£1) or money generally. The older nuggets meaning of money obviously alludes to gold nuggets and appeared first in the 1800s. Much more recently (thanks G Hudson) logically since the pound coin was introduced in the UK in the 1990s with the pound note's withdrawal, nugget seems to have appeared as a specific term for a pound coin, presumably because the pound coin is golden (actually more brassy than gold) and 'nuggety' in feel.

Meaning of NUGGETS

NUGGETS means: crack

Meaning of NUGGETS

NUGGETS means: crystals of cocaine

Meaning of Nuggets

Nuggets means: Loose change

Meaning of nuggets

nuggets means: Crack Cocaine

Meaning of Heady Nuggets

Heady Nuggets means: Description of very good weed.

Meaning of nuggets

nuggets means: Loose change. I don't know how you got that idea in your nugget.

Meaning of nuke

nuke means: A nuclear weapon. Hey, man, do you have any nuggets in your pocket?

Meaning of relish

relish means: A term used for marijuana, usually after the compressed nuggets are broken up and the seeds are separated from the cannibis.  "Aye Son, you got that relish?" 

Meaning of High-Grader

High-Grader means: In the mining camps of the Old West, a high-grader was a man who stole any big nuggets which he saw in the sluice boxes.

Meaning of rock

rock means: crack-cocaine. Sometimes used as a term for drugs in general.  2. n. A mixture of cocaine and baking soda; creating crack, then broken down into small nuggets and smoked.  "Yo, that undercover cop locked up Tracey for selling him six rocks." 

Meaning of nugs, nuggs

nugs, nuggs means: Marijuana buds of high quality. Short for Nuggets, as that's what good green buds look like. Used as "I got a fat sack of nummy nuggs." or "Let's go home and smoke some nuggs?".

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Meaning of TIP OFF

TIP OFF means: Tip off is slang for to give information secretly.

Meaning of UPSTAIRS

UPSTAIRS means: Upstairs is slang for in the head. Upstairs is slang for the breast area. Upstairs is slang for heaven.

Meaning of wacko

wacko means: Adj. Crazy, insane. [Orig. U.S.]

Meaning of Slippy

Slippy means: (Prince Edward Island) A shortened term used very quite often for the word slippery.

Meaning of Eek

Eek means: Idiot

Meaning of bomb, the

bomb, the means: see "da bomb" 

Meaning of cheeky

cheeky means: adj risqué; just short of rude. You’re being cheeky if you make a joke that you can only just barely get away with without getting into trouble.

Meaning of give someone a burn

give someone a burn means: To infect someone with a venereal disease.

Meaning of Geoff Hurst

Geoff Hurst means: Thirst

Meaning of EACHEY

Meaning of YGREAWH

Meaning of POIJYAXE

Meaning of GLUIJAMPO

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