Slang HAMPTON WICK means

HAMPTON WICK means: Hampton Wick is London Cockney rhyming slang for prick (penis).

What is the slang definition/meaning of HAMPTON WICK?

HAMPTON WICK means: Hampton Wick is London Cockney rhyming slang for prick (penis).

Meaning of HAMPTON WICK slang

Slang: HAMPTON WICK means: Hampton Wick is London Cockney rhyming slang for prick (penis).

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HAMPTON WICK means: Hampton Wick is London Cockney rhyming slang for prick (penis).

Meaning of Hampton Wick

Hampton Wick means: Prick. He gets on my wick. Don't even try to understand this one - just accept it

Meaning of Hampton (wick)

Hampton (wick) means: Noun. The penis. Rhyming slang on 'prick'. See 'prick'.


HAMPTON COURT means: Hampton Court is London Cockney rhyming slang for salt.

Meaning of GET ON ONE'S WICK

GET ON ONE'S WICK means: Get on one's wick is British slang for to irritate or annoy.

Meaning of WICK

WICK means: Wick is British slang for the penis.


HACKNEY WICK means: Hackney Wick is London Cockney rhyming slang for the penis (prick).


FLICK ONE'S WICK means: Flick one's wick is New Zealand slang for to hurry up.

Meaning of DIP ONE'S WICK

DIP ONE'S WICK means: Dip one's wick is slang for to have sex.

Meaning of Wicked

Wicked means: Something so very cool, usually expressed as like "That's so wicked cool!" also heard expressed as 'Wick' as in "You're new car is wick, man!"

Meaning of get on one's wick

get on one's wick means: Vrb phrs. To annoy.

Meaning of dip one's wick

dip one's wick means: To have sex. A male expression.

Meaning of wick (dip yer ...)

wick (dip yer ...) means: To have sexual intercourse.

Meaning of Get On My Wick

Get On My Wick means: To make out with, to snog

Meaning of bud

bud means: Dreadful, bad. e.g. "That is so bud" as in something that is really crap. Very big in the eighties in Swindon, England, (ed: if you've ever been to Swindon you'll know why I left that comment in!). Possibly derived from 'bad'. Mark elaborated on this somewhat with the following: The word did originate in Swindow around 1978 by kids from the Haydon Wick/Greenmeadow area of North Swindon. It actually derives from 'bod' as in the children's tv programme, Bod. Example: 'You're fucking bod'. This eventually metamorphosed into 'bud'. This was peculiar to my age group at the time, ages from 11 - 14. Other examples of usage are: 'He's a bud kid'; 'this is so fucking bud'; 'what a bud place' and 'I hate school, it's so bud'. WHen Mark was 25, he was amazed to hear kids as young a 9, saying it. As far as he knows, people still use it in the Haydon Wick/Greenmeadow/Moredon/Rodbourne Cheney areas - aging from schoolchildren to grown ups of 40. It has permeated out to other areas of Swindon as well.

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Meaning of ACRE

ACRE means: Acre is slang for buttock. Acre is slang for testicle.

Meaning of PEN AND INKER

PEN AND INKER means: Pen and inker is London Cockney rhyming slang for stinker.

Meaning of extract the urine

extract the urine means: Vrb phrs. Meaning the same as 'extract the Michael', it is a pun on 'take the piss'.

Meaning of take out

take out means: To kill. The don ordered his own son taken out.

Meaning of cutiepie

cutiepie means: Male model.

Meaning of Slab of moo, let him chew it

Slab of moo, let him chew it means: Rare round steak

Meaning of Jimmy Riddle

Jimmy Riddle means: Piddle

Meaning of yary

yary means: rising early, alert

Meaning of la-di-dah

la-di-dah means: Pretentious, snobbish. Vernon is engaged to some la-di-da upscale trophy girl.

Meaning of THIALS

Meaning of CHEAWHA

Meaning of GRUGOULT

Meaning of SOIRIOMOI

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