Slang terminate means

terminate means: To kill. She really teed me off when she told me she couldn't go out because she had to wash her hair.

What is the slang definition/meaning of terminate?

terminate means: To kill. She really teed me off when she told me she couldn't go out because she had to wash her hair.

Meaning of terminate slang

Slang: terminate ( v ) means: To kill. She really teed me off when she told me she couldn't go out because she had to wash her hair.

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Slangs, sentences and phrases like terminate

Meaning of terminate

terminate means: To kill. Rat on the mob? Are you crazy? I don't want to be terminated in my youth.

Meaning of Wipe

Wipe means: To completely reject or terminate all contact with a person

Meaning of terminate

terminate means: To kill. She really teed me off when she told me she couldn't go out because she had to wash her hair.

Meaning of bin off *

bin off * means: Verb. 1. To discard, throw away. 2. To terminate a relationship. * Both are North-west England usage.

Meaning of give someone their P45

give someone their P45 means: Vrb phrs. To terminate a relationship. A P45 is the official form given to someone on their dismissal or departure from employment and explains tax details that are needed by a future employer.

Meaning of jack (it) in

jack (it) in means: Verb. Stop doing (something), to terminate (something), to end. E.g."I'm going to jack in my college course after the vacation, it's too much like hard work."

Meaning of TIN HAT

TIN HAT means: Tin hat is British slang for terminate, finish, stop.Tin hat is London Cockney rhyming slang for a fool (prat).


TO PUT THE KIBOSH ON means: To put the kibosh on is slang for to terminate, to destroy or to ruin.

Meaning of kibosh

kibosh means: Noun. To end, to terminate, to finish off. E.g."We were kiboshed as soon as we set off." See 'put the kibosh on'.

Meaning of bin-bag

bin-bag means: Verb. To terminate a relationship. From the returning of possessions in a big bag, a disposable bag made of black polythene. E.g."I didnt come home until the next morning, and with lipstick on my shirt collar, I was promptly bin-bagged." [Merseyside use]

Meaning of PULL THE PLUG

PULL THE PLUG means: Pull the plug is slang for to commit suicide or die, or to terminate in general (such as a running computer process).

Meaning of chuck

chuck means: Noun. An term of endearment. E.g."Come on chuck, let's go out whilst the sun's shining." Verb. 1. To vomit. E.g."Harry's done his usual, he's missed the toilet and chucked all over the floor." 2. To terminate a relationship. E.g."I'm going to chuck her at the weekend, she's really annoying me with her moaning."

Meaning of Paid Off

Paid Off means: To decommission a ship, or to terminate its career in. The term "paid off" is used in British Commonwealth contexts. Originated in the age-of-sail practice of ending an ship's commission and paying the crew their wages once the ship had completed its voyage.

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Meaning of TACK

TACK means: Tack is slang for squalor, shabbiness, seediness. Tack is slang for cheap, inferior, in bad taste. Tack is slang for join a couple in marriage.

Meaning of TEA LEAF

TEA LEAF means: Tea leaf is London Cockney rhyming slang for a thief.

Meaning of fairy

fairy means: Noun. 1. An effeminate person. Derog. 2. A homosexual. Derog.

Meaning of YTRNW

YTRNW means: Yeah That's Right, Now What?

Meaning of wrenching

wrenching means: Wedgie variation. For example, on someone's birthday reach down the back of their trousers, grab their boxer shorts and rip them off causing extreme discomfort hence 'wrenching'. Also you must get a posse of wrenchers together first and hunt down the birthday boy (can't do it to girls cos that's illegal even if it's more fun) and wrench him like a dog! (ed: do dogs wear boxers? I know some boxers are dogs, but that's ok cos some dogs are boxers!)

Meaning of change-machine

change-machine means: The rectal opening; the anus.

Meaning of Raspberry Ripple

Raspberry Ripple means: Nipple

Meaning of GOD’S FLESH

GOD’S FLESH means: psilocin

Meaning of lockup

lockup means: Jail or prison. If you keep talking jive, we're going to lock up.

Meaning of CHOIGR

Meaning of CYALOEJ

Meaning of OOTCHYIV

Meaning of CHYBOYGNE

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