Slang wanger means

wanger means: A loser, a jerk. Anyone who skips class is a wang.

What is the slang definition/meaning of wanger?

wanger means: A loser, a jerk. Anyone who skips class is a wang.

Meaning of wanger slang

Slang: wanger ( n ) means: A loser, a jerk. Anyone who skips class is a wang.

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Meaning of wanger

wanger means: Term for penis.

Meaning of Wanger

Wanger means: Stupid or annoying person

Meaning of wanger

wanger means: Noun. 1. A penis. Also spelt whanger. 2. An idiot.

Meaning of wanger

wanger means: A loser, a jerk. Their team is just a bunch of wangers.

Meaning of wanger

wanger means: A loser, a jerk. Anyone who skips class is a wang.

Meaning of wanger

wanger means: Person who masturbates to excess. Mutation derived from 'wanker'. Usually shouted/spoken in comedic manner, e.g. 'wannnguuuuuuuurrr!!'

Meaning of wang

wang means: Another word for a penis. Highly popularized after the second "Austin Powers" movie. It's also a very flexible word: Wanger (one who 'wangs'), Wangy (tasting of wang), etc: Commonly remembered, in some towns, for being used in a song performed by a group of schoolkids called 'Chinny Reck On'. It went something like this : Oh Wang Oh Wang, castration's a dirty word, Oh Wang Oh Wang, I love the way you proturb.etc (ed: if anyone has the rest of the words for this we'd love to load them in as well!)

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Meaning of STAMPS

STAMPS means: Stamps is slang for legs.

Meaning of shit up

shit up means: Verb. To terrify, to scare. E.g."I was so shitted up I had to sleep with my bedroom light on."

Meaning of Acting the fool

Acting the fool means: Much like "Acting the Maggot". Someone who is acting foolishly and causing problems or annoying others. Heard more often in urban environs.

Meaning of You Get Me

You Get Me means: A long time

Meaning of Pussy

Pussy means: - This is what we call our cat, as in "pussy cat", or in the fairytale, Puss in Boots. So if you have a Brit neighbour who asks if you have seen their pussy - try to keep a straight face and think back the last time you saw their cat!

Meaning of nativity

nativity means: n crèche. Christian Christmas scene, usually featuring a plasticine baby Jesus lying in some grass. Normally made painstakingly over the course of several evenings by mothers of children who will take it to school and pass it off as their own work.


SHEET ROCKING means: crack and LSD

Meaning of perney

perney means: at once; immediately (“I’ll go perney”)

Meaning of IATHOO

Meaning of IUSSIOF

Meaning of AYPHUEMP

Meaning of OIMTIODII

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