Slang wanger means

wanger means: A loser, a jerk. Anyone who skips class is a wang.

What is the slang definition/meaning of wanger?

wanger means: A loser, a jerk. Anyone who skips class is a wang.

Meaning of wanger slang

Slang: wanger ( n ) means: A loser, a jerk. Anyone who skips class is a wang.

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Meaning of wanger

wanger means: Term for penis.

Meaning of Wanger

Wanger means: Stupid or annoying person

Meaning of wanger

wanger means: Noun. 1. A penis. Also spelt whanger. 2. An idiot.

Meaning of wanger

wanger means: A loser, a jerk. Their team is just a bunch of wangers.

Meaning of wanger

wanger means: A loser, a jerk. Anyone who skips class is a wang.

Meaning of wanger

wanger means: Person who masturbates to excess. Mutation derived from 'wanker'. Usually shouted/spoken in comedic manner, e.g. 'wannnguuuuuuuurrr!!'

Meaning of wang

wang means: Another word for a penis. Highly popularized after the second "Austin Powers" movie. It's also a very flexible word: Wanger (one who 'wangs'), Wangy (tasting of wang), etc: Commonly remembered, in some towns, for being used in a song performed by a group of schoolkids called 'Chinny Reck On'. It went something like this : Oh Wang Oh Wang, castration's a dirty word, Oh Wang Oh Wang, I love the way you proturb.etc (ed: if anyone has the rest of the words for this we'd love to load them in as well!)

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CRADLE SNATCHER means: Cradle snatcher is British slang for someone with an amorous attachment to a much younger partner.


ENGINEERS AND STOKERS means: Engineers and stokers is London Cockney rhyming slang for bailiffs (brokers).


LONG POCKETS means: Long pockets is British slang for a miser.

Meaning of YAMMER

YAMMER means: Yammer is slang for to complain, to wail. Yammer is slang for to talk insistently.

Meaning of clobber

clobber means: Noun. Clothes and personal belongings. {Informal}Verb. To hit. E.g."I clobbered him over the head with a pool cue and made a break for the exit."

Meaning of dick

dick means: penis, "cock"

Meaning of hang-ups

hang-ups means: neurosis, emortional problems

Meaning of nuggets

nuggets means: testicles ‘watch your nuggets, mate.’

Meaning of thrupney bits

thrupney bits means: n breasts: She was a bit dull but what a cracking pair of thrupney bits! From Cockney rhyming slang “thrupney bits” / “tits.” The thrupney bit was once a three-pence coin but is no longer in circulation. Although I’ve been doing my best to avoid putting plurals into this piece of work, I have a lot of trouble trying to think of any situation in which you would ever refer to a single thrupney bit. Perhaps someday the terms “thrupney bit implants” or “thrupney bit cancer” will be commonplace, but they aren’t now.

Meaning of Stellar

Stellar means: Cool

Meaning of PTUOLR

Meaning of IADYPTU

Meaning of IELYSUGH

Meaning of EISAOFOTU

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