Slang Hull means

Hull means: a saddle.

What is the slang definition/meaning of Hull?

Hull means: a saddle.

Meaning of Hull slang

Slang: Hull means: a saddle.

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Meaning of Hull Speed

Hull Speed means: The maximum speed a hull can achieve without planing : the fastest a keelboat will go, usually dependent on length of the hull at the waterline

Meaning of Sponson

Sponson means: (1) Any of several structures that project from the side of a boat or ship, especially a gun platform. (2) Appendages added to the side of a vessel, such as a canoe or kayak, to aid in stability. (3) A pontoon:like hull, or portion of a hull, that provides lift. A three:point hydroplane has two sponsons, one each side of the main hull.

Meaning of Frame

Frame means: A timber or rib of a ship running from the keel to the side rail; the transverse strengthening members in a ship's hull that extend from the keel to the deck or gunwale. The frames form the shape of the hull and act as a skeleton on which the hull planking is secured.

Meaning of Hard Chine

Hard Chine means: An abrupt intersection between the hull side and the hull bottom of a boat.

Meaning of Hull Down

Hull Down means: Said of a distant ship when her hull is below horizon and her masts and upper works are visible.

Meaning of Planing Hull

Planing Hull means: A type of hull shaped to glide easily across the water at high speed.

Meaning of Hard Chine

Hard Chine means: An abrupt intersection between the hull side and the hull bottom of a boat so constructed.

Meaning of Above-water hull

Above-water hull means: The hull section of a vessel above the waterline, the visible part of a ship. Also, topside.

Meaning of Hydrofoil

Hydrofoil means: A boat with wing-like foils mounted on struts below the hull, lifting the hull entirely out of the water at speed and allowing water resistance to be greatly reduced. Example: HMCS Bras D'or

Meaning of Outrigger

Outrigger means: A structure which extends outboard beyond the edge of the hull for some special purpose. Some Polynesian canoes use outriggers to support an "ama" or small secondary hull, while fishing boats may use outriggers to suspend lines or nets over the water.

Meaning of bab

bab means: Verb. To defecate. [Yorks/Hull/Notts use]Noun. 1. Faeces. [Yorks/Hull/Notts use] 2. Term of affectionate address, such as dear or friend. [W. Midlands use] 3. Abb. of kebab.

Meaning of Three Point Hydroplane

Three Point Hydroplane means: A hydroplane that has two sponsons, one at each side of the hull. The sponsons lift the hull so that, at high speeds, only they and the propeller are in contact with the water, hence three points.

Meaning of Deep V

Deep V means: Refers to the shape of a boat's (usually power boat) hull. A deep V hull is usually good at cutting through rough waves at high speeds.

Meaning of Length Overall

Length Overall means: The maximum length of a vessel's hull measured parallel to the waterline, usually measured on the hull alone, and including overhanging ends that extend beyond the bow and stern.

Meaning of Tumblehome

Tumblehome means: A specific hull shape where the widest part of the hull is below deck level. Originally used to lower canal toll charges where tariffs are calculated by dimensions at deck level.

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Meaning of SWELL

SWELL means: Swell is slang for excellent; first−class.Swell is British slang for a well−off single woman.

Meaning of order of the boot

order of the boot means: Noun. Dismissal. E.g."I can't afford to go out tonight, my boss gave me the order of the boot yesterday."

Meaning of troo

troo means: true

Meaning of bro

bro means: A male appellation. Hey, bro, whassup?

Meaning of ballistic (to go ...)

ballistic (to go ...) means: To lose ones temper in a violent manner.

Meaning of how man, man how

how man, man how means: Georgie for 'Hey you!'. Using this you can create strange attention-getting sentences, e.g. 'How Lisa man giz a tab man how?' or 'How man Lisa giz a tab?', i.e. 'Hey Lisa give me a cigarette?'.

Meaning of skewiff

skewiff means: Awry, out of alignment.

Meaning of STARDUST

STARDUST means: cocaine

Meaning of guts

guts means: Courage. She only takes gut courses.

Meaning of OYMTEO

Meaning of ZOYNIAV

Meaning of TECKOUKE

Meaning of RIYGLOYVI

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