Slang ivories (1) means

ivories (1) means: teeth

What is the slang definition/meaning of ivories (1)?

ivories (1) means: teeth

Meaning of ivories (1) slang

Slang: ivories (1) means: teeth

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Meaning of IVORIES

IVORIES means: Ivories is slang for the teeth.Ivories is slang for the keys of a pianoIvories is slang for dice.Ivories is slang for billiard balls.

Meaning of Ivories

Ivories means: Teeth, piano keys, or dice.“He sure knows how to tickle the ivories.”


TICKLE THE IVORIES means: Tickle the ivories is slang for to play the piano.


TINKLE THE IVORIES means: Tinkle the ivories is slang for play the piano.

Meaning of ivories

ivories means: teeth

Meaning of ivories (1)

ivories (1) means: teeth

Meaning of ivories

ivories means: Noun. Teeth.

Meaning of ivories (2)

ivories (2) means: piano keys

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Meaning of AMSCRAY

AMSCRAY means: Amscray is slang for go away.

Meaning of Kiss and Tell

Kiss and Tell means: to disclose the details of your sex life. to be low class and boast about your sexual exploits.

Meaning of NI4NI

NI4NI means: An Eye For Any Eye

Meaning of folded

folded means: Drunk, intoxicated. Kat got folded at the party last night and now she's grounded for a week.

Meaning of Perspex

Perspex means: n Plexiglas. A sort of plastic equivalent of glass. Perspex is a brand name of the acrylic company Lucite. Their advertising literature probably has all sorts of fancy terms in it about covalent bonds and stress ratings, and perhaps doesn’t even use the phrase “a sort of plastic equivalent of glass.” Unless maybe they have a layman’s FAQ at the end.

Meaning of ponce

ponce means: 1 n man who is pretentious in an effeminate manner. “Ponces” (quite often referred to using the phrase perfume ponce) tend to grown their hair quite long and talk loudly into their mobile phones while sitting at the traffic lights in their convertible Porsche. Describing a place as poncy would imply that these sorts of punters made up the bulk of its clientele. 2 v scrounge: Can I ponce a fag off you? Apparently the word originally meant living off the earnings of prostitution. Please look up “fag” now, before I cause some sort of ghastly mistake.

Meaning of Salty

Salty means: 1) Verb. To make someone angry. eg. "Back off, I'm getting hella salty"

Meaning of Bomb

Bomb means: Bombs in cartoons are typically black

Meaning of Cotton Ball

Cotton Ball means: Nappy/frizzy hair esp. the 70's Afro style; bought to pick cotton in the Old South

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Meaning of THUODRU

Meaning of OUPAYHEX

Meaning of IYTSAYTHE

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