Slang kick | kicks means

kick | kicks means: excitement, fun

What is the slang definition/meaning of kick | kicks?

kick | kicks means: excitement, fun

Meaning of kick | kicks slang

Slang: kick | kicks means: excitement, fun

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Meaning of kick | kicks

kick | kicks means: excitement, fun

Meaning of Kick Start

Kick Start means: Tart. Is this a lads night or are we taking the kicks

Meaning of KICKS

KICKS means: Kicks is British slang for trousers.Kicks is Black−American slang for shoes.Kicks is slang for thrills.

Meaning of kick the bucket

kick the bucket means: v die. I am going to assume that this refers to an important part of the hanging-yourself procedure if you don’t happen to have a chair. Somewhat informal, as you might have guessed: Jimmy says he can’t buy a car until his grandmother kicks the bucket.

Meaning of Kicks

Kicks means: , (kiks) n., Shoes.  “I was feeling mighty light in my new kicks.”  [Etym., 90’s youth]

Meaning of KICK

KICK means: Kick is slang for to give up. Usually referring to the giving up of addictive drugs. Kick was oldBritish slang for sixpence.

Meaning of kicks

kicks means: Shoes. She gets her kicks by going to the beach.

Meaning of kicks

kicks means: Shoes. Those are some really cool kicks!

Meaning of KICK OFF

KICK OFF means: Kick off is slang for to start trouble. Kick off is American slang for to die. Kick off is slang for to leave, go away.

Meaning of hoof

hoof means: To kick, especially a hefty kick, like a goal kick.

Meaning of kick back

kick back means: v. to relax and take it easy.  "Man, we fixin' to kick back and watch this game at the pad."  2. Calm down.  "Yo Mike, quit trippin', kick back foo." 

Meaning of KICK ASS

KICK ASS means: Kick ass is American slang for to punish or forcibly restore order. Kick ass is American slang for to make trouble, behave aggressively.

Meaning of KICK AROUND

KICK AROUND means: Kick around is slang for to discuss easily and informally. Kick around is slang for to go about without any plans.

Meaning of kicks

kicks means: Fun. She gets her kicks by going to the beach.

Meaning of kick seven bells out of (someone)

kick seven bells out of (someone) means: Vrb phrs. To thoroughly beat up (someone). Also, less commonly, kick seven bells of shit out of someone. Cf. 'kick ten bells out of'.

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APPLYING A BAND−AID means: Applying a band−aid is American slang for an inadequate solution to a difficult situation.


NOT ON YOUR LIFE means: Not on your life is slang for impossible.

Meaning of PUG

PUG means: Pug is slang for a boxer.Pug is British slang for to secretly store.

Meaning of QUAL

QUAL means: Qual is slang for valium.

Meaning of canny

canny means: Adj. Good, nice, pleasant. E.g."She was a canny lass." [Scottish/North-east use]

Meaning of hummer

hummer means: Fellatio; blow job. this phrase comes from the act of humming wall performing oral sex upon someone's penis.

Meaning of Small Fry

Small Fry means: Young children or persons of little importance.


PAIR OF PLIERS means: Conductor's punch

Meaning of a grand

a grand means: $1,000

Meaning of UPEORT

Meaning of EEGEISH

Meaning of SUPTEYTS

Meaning of NIITUIBEX

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