Slang HITCH means

HITCH means: Hitch is slang for marry.

What is the slang definition/meaning of HITCH?

HITCH means: Hitch is slang for marry.

Meaning of HITCH slang

Slang: HITCH means: Hitch is slang for marry.

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Meaning of Slippery Hitch

Slippery Hitch means: A bend or hitch used to attach a line to a ring or spar so that by pulling the end of the line, the hitch will come free. This is done by passing a bight of the line under the other part so that when strain is applied the bight is jammed. A pull on the end of the bight clears it.

Meaning of Squaw hitch

Squaw hitch means: a generic style of packsaddle hitch, refers to a number of easier hitches..

Meaning of Double diamond hitch

Double diamond hitch means: a more elaborate diamond hitch in which the crossed ropes form smaller diamonds, the most difficult and reliable of the packsaddle hitches.

Meaning of HITCH

HITCH means: Hitch is slang for marry.

Meaning of Diamond hitch –

Diamond hitch – means: a type of hitch over a packsaddle that forms a characteristic diamond shape.

Meaning of Timber Hitch

Timber Hitch means: Method of securing a line around a spar by taking the standing part around the spar, then a half hitch around itself and the end tucked three or four times around its own part.

Meaning of Hitch in the Giddy-up

Hitch in the Giddy-up means: Not feeling well, as in: "I've had a hitch in my giddy-up the last couple days."

Meaning of Rolling Hitch

Rolling Hitch means: A hitch used for bending a line to a spar, which if tied properly, won't slip. The end of the line is passed around the spar and then passed a second time around so it rides over the standing part. Then it is carried across and up through the bight.

Meaning of Clove Hitch

Clove Hitch means: Two half hitches around a spar or post. Easy way to make a line temporarily fast to a piling or post. The clove hitch can jam under heavy tension, making it difficult to untie. Worse, is its tendency to untie itself when subjected to repeated strain and release, such as a boat rocking in waves. You can add one or two half hitches on the standing line for a more secure attachment.

Meaning of Hitch

Hitch means: A difficulty, an impediment.

Meaning of To Hitch

To Hitch means: To agree, to get along amicably.

Meaning of hitch

hitch means: A ride, one gotten by hitchhiking.


HITCH UP THE REINDEERS means: inhale cocaine

Meaning of hitch up the reindeers

hitch up the reindeers means: To inhale cocaine

Meaning of hitch

hitch means: To marry. Is it 11 o'clock already? Time for me to hit the sack.

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GRAVEL TRAIN means: Gravel train is American slang for a sugar bowl.

Meaning of Evat

Evat means: English slang for the Common Newt (aka the Spotted newt or the smooth newt)

Meaning of Allophone

Allophone means: A resident of Québec who speaks a first language other than English or French. Used only by linguists in other English-speaking countries, this word has come to be used by journalists and broadcasters, and then by the general public, in some parts of Canada.

Meaning of Rave

Rave means: A rave is a type of large party/dance, usually held in warehouses and taking place at night. A DJ plays fast electronic music (trance, house, happy hardcore, etc) amongst bright colored flashing lights. Closely associated with modern drug culture, many ravers take ecstacy or other hallcinogens to heighten the experience.

Meaning of flange

flange means: To walk along. This is an example of the polari underground gay language used in the British Merchant Marine.

Meaning of Jumping Jack

Jumping Jack means: Back

Meaning of Huckleberry

Huckleberry means: As in "I'm your huckleberry" means "I'm just the man you're looking for" or "I'm just the man for the job."


BUSINESSMAN’S SPECIAL means: dimethyltryptamine

Meaning of gauches

gauches means: funny words and tricks; gags

Meaning of UIVIYL

Meaning of IOJIOKR

Meaning of AYGAODOO

Meaning of UYPOYSTAC

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