Slang HOG−TIED means

HOG−TIED means: Hog−tied is American slang for incapacitated.

What is the slang definition/meaning of HOG−TIED?

HOG−TIED means: Hog−tied is American slang for incapacitated.

Meaning of HOG−TIED slang

Slang: HOG−TIED means: Hog−tied is American slang for incapacitated.

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Meaning of HOG−TIED

HOG−TIED means: Hog−tied is American slang for incapacitated.

Meaning of HOG−WILD

HOG−WILD means: Hog−wild is slang for uncontrolled, unrestrained behaviour.


HOG−WIMPERING means: Hog−wimpering is British slang for abject, helpless. Hog−wimpering is British slang for very intoxicated.

Meaning of FIT TO BE TIED

FIT TO BE TIED means: Fit to be tied is slang for very angry or upset.

Meaning of bondage top

bondage top means: The partner is the one who does restraining or tied up, physically immobilize the sex partner. He may or may not get sexual pleasure and gratification through the practice, but his partner get sexual pleasure and gratification through bondage. [I am a bondage top. I got no practice from being restrained, my love is into being tied up so he is the one that gets tied, do it for his pleasure.]

Meaning of tied to an apron string

tied to an apron string means: Dominated by the wife or a woman. Fred can't go fishing on the weekend; he's tied to his wife's apron string.

Meaning of Tied Up

Tied Up means: Given over, finished.

Meaning of Fit to be tied

Fit to be tied means: Angry.

Meaning of avoir un fil à la patte

avoir un fil à la patte means: be tied down

Meaning of Eye

Eye means: A loop or hole which is spliced or tied on the end of a line

Meaning of Shagged

Shagged means: Completely fatigued, tied or weary

Meaning of Dead in the Water

Dead in the Water means: Not moving. Uused only when a vessel is afloat and neither tied up nor anchored.

Meaning of Painter

Painter means: A line tied to the bow of a small boat for use in towing, securing or tying up

Meaning of Buntline

Buntline means: One of the lines tied to the bottom of a square sail and used to haul it up to the yard when furling.

Meaning of sarong

sarong means: Large bath towel tied, about the hips of a bathhouse patron. sashay:

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Meaning of DO THE CIVIL

DO THE CIVIL means: Do the civil was th and early th century slang for to act in a civilised manner, to do the 'right' thing.

Meaning of KEEN

KEEN means: Keen is American and Canadian slang for very good.

Meaning of SMIDGE

SMIDGE means: Smidge is slang for a little, a small amount.

Meaning of prod / proddy

prod / proddy means: Noun. A protestant. Mainly used by Catholics. [Irish/Scottish use]

Meaning of vagitarian

vagitarian means: Noun. Lesbian. A pun on vegetarian.

Meaning of bang artist

bang artist means: In anal intercourse the man who fucks, as opposed to the one who is fucked.


PULL FREIGHT means: To leave or to give up a job

Meaning of front

front means: To brag. That car of his is pure fromage.

Meaning of muttonhead

muttonhead means: A stupid or foolish person. Hey, Fritz, what is your mutt barking at now?

Meaning of PIAMYO

Meaning of MUMUYKO

Meaning of MOUMYUGR

Meaning of YUNGOUSTU

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