Slang HORSEY SET means

HORSEY SET means: Horsey set is British slang for wealthy country−folk.

What is the slang definition/meaning of HORSEY SET?

HORSEY SET means: Horsey set is British slang for wealthy country−folk.

Meaning of HORSEY SET slang

Slang: HORSEY SET means: Horsey set is British slang for wealthy country−folk.

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Meaning of HORSEY SET

HORSEY SET means: Horsey set is British slang for wealthy country−folk.

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horsey means: (1) To play "horsey" involved using a skiiping rope as reins around willing pupils neck then basically running around like a horse and master (not as kinky and more fun than it sounds when your 8 years old), (2) Term also used for riding a child on your back (also called piggyback) or dandling a child on your knee, and lately has been referred to as a term for molesting children (i.e. straddling a youngster on your knee and bouncing them up and down).

Meaning of dada

dada means: horsey; horse (n.b.: child talk)

Meaning of thoroughbred

thoroughbred means: A male; "All the thoroughbreds and chicken heads will be at the party." (ed: this is a bit 'horsey' isn't it?)

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