BANGED TO RIGHTS means: Banged to rights is slang for caught in the act.

What is the slang definition/meaning of BANGED TO RIGHTS?

BANGED TO RIGHTS means: Banged to rights is slang for caught in the act.

Meaning of BANGED TO RIGHTS slang

Slang: BANGED TO RIGHTS means: Banged to rights is slang for caught in the act.

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BANGED TO RIGHTS means: Banged to rights is slang for caught in the act.

Meaning of BANGED OUT

BANGED OUT means: Banged out is slang for full, packed with people.

Meaning of banged up

banged up means: pregnant: He’s banged her up, then shot through!’

Meaning of Bang to rights

Bang to rights means: Equivalent of ‘dead to rights.’ Caught in the act. Caught red-handed.“Police caught Jim Bang to rights outside the bookie’s.”

Meaning of By Good Rights

By Good Rights means: By right, by strict justice, entitled. "By good rights Mr. Clay ought to be President of the United States."


BANG TO RIGHTS means: Bang to rights is British slang for without hope of escape, undeniable.


DEAD TO RIGHTS means: Dead to rights is American slang for certainly.

Meaning of Banged Up

Banged Up means: To be in prison.

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Meaning of bang, banged, banging, bangs

bang, banged, banging, bangs means: v To have sexual intercourse with.

Meaning of Hay Harry

Hay Harry means: Harry Hay, Born April 7, 1912, in England, 1912 died on Thursday October 24, 2002 at 01:42 PM at age 90. He was one of the founding members of the Mattachine Society in 1948, the first gay rights organization in this United States, in the 1950s, and several years ago helped with the founding of another gay organization, the Radical Faeries in 1979. "Father of the Gay Rights Movement". This is one man who made it possible for millions to live in freedom and with self-respect. He launched the publication R.F.D. in 1974. Harry Hay, is in the "WHO'S WHO Leaders & Legends of the witchcraft, and Pagan community".

Meaning of gang-banged

gang-banged means: Several men taking turns fucking one who is held down: mass rape.

Meaning of bang one out

bang one out means: Vrb phrs. To masturbate. E.g."Steve watched Bay Watch on TV and then banged one out before his mum came home."

Meaning of bottomless pool

bottomless pool means: The men who prefers the passive role in anal intercourse, and like to be gang-banged, with several men taking turns fucking him.

Meaning of To Rights

To Rights means: In the proper way.

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Meaning of BREW

BREW means: Brew is British slang for tea. Brew is American slang for beer.

Meaning of NISH

NISH means: Nish is British slang for free, without charge.

Meaning of SPRAG

SPRAG means: Sprag is Australian slang for confront or accost aggressively.

Meaning of 'ave it

'ave it means: Verb. Go for it. See 'have it'

Meaning of lady lumps

lady lumps means: Noun. Women's breasts.

Meaning of TTYT

TTYT means: Talk To You Tomorrow

Meaning of powder someone's cheeks

powder someone's cheeks means: Anal intercourse.

Meaning of Tail-Race

Tail-Race means: The water course leading from a mill after it has passed the water-wheel.

Meaning of LAY ON

LAY ON means: supply drugs on deferred payment

Meaning of EIGNOE

Meaning of ASHUAVY

Meaning of PEYFUAVA

Meaning of YUPSAIGYE

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