Slang LEFT FOOTER means

LEFT FOOTER means: Left footer is British slang for a catholic.

What is the slang definition/meaning of LEFT FOOTER?

LEFT FOOTER means: Left footer is British slang for a catholic.

Meaning of LEFT FOOTER slang

Slang: LEFT FOOTER means: Left footer is British slang for a catholic.

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Meaning of LEFT FOOTER

LEFT FOOTER means: Left footer is British slang for a catholic.

Meaning of left footer

left footer means: Noun. A Catholic. Derog.

Meaning of footer

footer means: an idle, lazy person

Meaning of HOT-FOOTER

HOT-FOOTER means: Engineer or conductor in switching service who is always in a hurry

Meaning of Bearing Drawing Right/Left

Bearing Drawing Right/Left means: The movement, left or right, of the bearing to an object in motion relative to your platform. If the object's bearing is moving to the left or right then the object will likely pass either forward or aft of your ship. See Closing on a Steady Bearing.

Meaning of left

left means: Angry, mad. When the hand grenade exploded beneath the cow, Beulah was left holding the bag.

Meaning of left

left means: Angry, mad. When Maria walked in and caught her parents reading her diary, she got left.


LEFT AND RIGHT means: Left and right is London Cockney rhyming slang for fight.

Meaning of hang a left / right

hang a left / right means: Vrb phrs. Turn left / right.

Meaning of left out in the cold

left out in the cold means: not informed ‘I’ve been left out in the cold’

Meaning of Port

Port means: The left side of the boat. Towards the left-hand side of the ship facing forward (formerly Larboard). Denoted with a red light at night.

Meaning of ZARNDRER

ZARNDRER means: Zarndrer is slang for a long, single curl of hair brought from the back over the left shoulder and allowed to fall over the left breast.

Meaning of Left for dead

Left for dead means: To outclass, exceed or transcend. e.g. "The Yank left us for dead in the last America's cup race"


LEFT IN THE LURCH means: Left in the lurch is London Cockney rhyming slang for church.

Meaning of LEFT BACK

LEFT BACK means: Left back is British slang for a playing card with three pips.

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Meaning of BARRO

BARRO means: Barro is Australian slang for embarrassing.

Meaning of COULDA

COULDA means: Coulda is slang for could have.

Meaning of CREATE

CREATE means: Create is British slang for to make a fuss or uproar.

Meaning of JONAH

JONAH means: Jonah is Australian rhyming slang for shark (Joan of Arc).

Meaning of PARALYTIC

PARALYTIC means: Paralytic is slang for extremely intoxicated, very drunk.

Meaning of SKULL

SKULL means: Skull is slang for a chief or an expert. Skull is American slang for the head.Skull is American slang for to strike a person on the head. Skull is American slang for fellatio.Skull is Australian slang for to drink alcohol.


THE MAN UPSTAIRS means: The man upstairs is slang for God.

Meaning of fair crack of the whip!

fair crack of the whip! means: asking for a fair chance

Meaning of soldier

soldier means: Penis souvenir: venereal disease, that is contacted from a prostitute.

Meaning of trannie

trannie means: A cross-dresser, usually male wearing female attire, and adopting characteristics that are feminine.

Meaning of DUANAE

Meaning of STEIHAH

Meaning of HOASOAKE

Meaning of PSOARSEAM

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